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Update 3y
  • - Completely revised

1. The bScore

The bScore is GameBanana's weighted rating system designed to produce a more meaningful scoring system, ultimately to improve our ability to rank the best mods and provide a more accurate feedback mechanism for modders.

2. Why weight ratings?

We decided that our rating system should not be entirely democratic, but also somewhat meritocratic. We decided that a rater who also posted feedback, and is also themselves a modder of the type content they're rating, entails their rating is more meaningful and their opinion on the subject of the mods strengths and weaknesses more reputable.

3. How weights are determined

A rating's weight is influenced by several factors, such as whether the rater posted, whether they got exemplary feedback for their post, whether they're an actual modder of the type of mod they're rating, etc.

If you're a modder and provide a great comment that gets EF, you're going to have the most significant individual impact on the bScore at a rating weight of 8.

4. Weight Modifiers

  • 1 - Base weight
  • +1 - Rater posted
  • +2 - Rater is a modder of the same content they're rating
  • +4 - Rater received exemplary feedback for one of their posts in the submission (making them a critic)

5. Calculating the bScore

First, we start adding the weights and the weighted rating of every rating:
Next, we divide the cumulatives, to produce a weighted rating:
Next, we subtract 1 from the weighted rating, to account for high rating bias:
Then, we create a popularity modifier by dividing the submission's vote count by the highest vote count in the entire section:
Finally, we add the popularity modifier to the weighed rating, and multiply by 10 to get a score out of 100:

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  • REBELVODKA avatar
    REBELVODKA username pic Joined 8y ago
    2,442 points Ranked 20302nd
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    access_time 3y
    i dont know why... but i prefer the traditional rating :/
    • Agree x 3
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  • ElektroMod avatar
    ElektroMod Joined 5y ago
    The Demons 6 Flag Affiliation: The Demons 6
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    ElektroMod The Demons 6 Flag
    The Demons 6
    access_time 3y edit 3y
    Finally, good job!
    Though I think this should be the main rating, but... democracy... yay...
    Don't misunderstand me, only personal thoughts.
    EDIT: How about implementing this to older submissions in a way? Is it possible?
    Fie-fo the Black Queen
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  • JorisCeoen avatar
    JorisCeoen username pic Joined 9y ago
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    access_time 3y edit 3y
    Looks pretty cool! (Although exemplary feedback hasn't, in my experience, been handed out for years)
    Level Design, Modeler, YouTube avatar
    Level Design, Modeler, YouTube
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