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Updated to v1.8.6

An Update

  • Addition - Added Accessories! find it at: Main menu -> Profile -> Accessories.
  • Improvement - Some textures can now be animated (* instructions below).
  • Overhaul - Changed TexturePack loading completely, it will lag a little more when loading, but faster loading, there is no leaked memory (load your 1GB pack without issue!), colors unaffected. Basically the best.
  • Addition - Texture packs and Sound packs will now be automatically provided with a settings.txt file when loaded, explaining the load settings to the loader. this file can be edited.
  • Addition - Added ForceReplace as texture pack setting, with that enabled it should replace all textures in the entire game (but lags a bit more). (hopefully there is not a single missed texture now).
  • Tweak - Texture pack loader only loads files ending with .png or .jpg.
  • Addition - texture pack loader will also tell when it is loading (a message in the center of the screen).
  • BugFix - Fixed texture and sound pack loading bug, causing all loading to stop if a texture was unable to load.
  • Improvement - Texture pack loader should now warn if no textures found.
  • Addition - Ability to add Languages (* instructions below).
  • Addition - Survival can now be played with turrets (/survival turret).
  • Improvement - Survival now saves if the host is switched.
  • Addition - In advanced settings there is now a UltraWide mode preset, so you easily can play in ultra wide mode.
  • Addition - You can hide HUD in public games (pause menu button).
  • Addition - Added camera switch modes (focus on character, or grimm).
  • Addition - Added "/friendly" - grimm attacks other grimm instead of you.
  • Addition - Added /trackSpeed command.
  • Addition - Added /NoAura command.
  • Addition - Added /ShowCheckpoints.
  • Addition - Added /CameraAutoAdjust [seconds] (I don't have a gamepad with me right now so I can't test it).
  • Addition - Added /help [command] and /? [command].
  • Addition - Added /savecommand & /loadcommands so you can save a list of commands and execute them easily.
  • Addition - Added a bunch of terrain graphics options.
  • Addition - added /gfx noAnimation.
  • Addition - Added key commands: ctrl+[f-key].
  • - (f1: unloadUnused | f6: don't render character | f8: hide hud | f9: show hp numbers)
  • Addition - Using Ctrl+Up while chating will paste the last command in the input chat.
  • Improvement - Local files can be accessed through ctrl+F in main menu.
  • Tweak - Grimm Settings activates automatically if you edit the settings and there is a reset button.
  • Improvement - The data file ModGraphicsSettings.txt is now readable to humans and can be edited.
  • Tweak - /gfx fpsfix2 can now be spelt /gfx fpsfix 2 (cuz someone entered it wrong before).
  • Addition - Add "-combine" when binding a command to key to combine the already bound command.
  • Adjustment - Removed entities count label (only pops up if there are a large amount of grimm).
  • Improvement - Sound packs now load a little bit faster.
  • Optimization - Optimized custom map loader.
  • BugFix - Survival should now show all grimms correctly.
  • BugFix - Fixed survival bug with mini deathstalker waves only (not 100% confirmed).
  • BugFix - Survival mountain glenn door bug should be fixed.
  • BugFix - Fixed custom map names not displaying correctly.
  • BugFix - Fixed mission loader not looking in the right place sometimes.
  • BugFix - Fixed xp bug with bots.
  • BugFix - Fixed model packs bug for jnpr.
  • BugFix - Fixed damage and collision bug in MI2 with model packs.
  • BugFix - Fixed bug with models pack loading slower in multiplayer.
  • BugFix - Fixed "/flip" lightning bug, now you can play with Flip mode and the game graphics should look about the same.
  • BugFix - Fixed /switchcharacter bug with xp.
  • BugFix - Fixed /spectate bug.
  • BugFix - Fixed cinematiccamera in orthographic mode zooming too quickly.
  • BugFix - Fixed bug in time attack mode.
  • BugFix - Fixed /gfx flip light bug
  • BugFix - Fixed /gfx flip light bug.
  • BugFix - Spelling.
  • Addition *Language: English translation file: You can edit that file and then put it in LanguagePacks folder. (I made an example language file: )
  • Addition *Animated texture packs: Example, animated ruby: The file animations.txt will be read, and the format for setting up animations in it is: { [what texture to be animated name], [next frame texture name], [next frame], ... } [animation speed (ie. seconds per frame)]
  • - (the modding guide will go into more detail)
  • - --End-- I might have missed a couple of stuff, but oh well. This update is too big, so I bet there will be more bug fix updates following this... If you encounter any issues or find any bugs or have any suggestions, please contact me :)
  • - Details here:
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