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Updates : How To Add The Underhell.FGD To Hammer - A Tutorial for Underhell

Below is a list of all updates to How To Add The Underhell.FGD To Hammer.

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  • - Figured out how to properly give updates
  • - Removed useless "numgrenades" keyvalue from npc_citizen
  • - Added input HardSave to logic_autosave
  • - Fixed several instances of NPCs not properly changing their models in-editor to the ones the user chose
  • - Added "Radius" keyvalue to the func_monitor
  • - Added "Angles" keyvalue to info_nodes, to stop spam from the "Check For Problems" dialog
  • - Removed some old useless keyvalues from the default FGD
  • - Added "Radius" and "TextureName" keyvalue to env_projectedtexture, you can now set the material of the projected texture without a logic_auto
  • - Added "SpeedModifier" keyvalue to npc_infected
  • - Added "OnPlayerPickup" output to items
  • - Added some addition bases to items and weapons
  • - Item_random no longer has keyvalues for what it can spawn, you have to add them manual like the game_player_equip
  • - Removed useless meleeweapon and model keyvalues from npc_infected
  • - Added "OnDisabledKickAttempted" output to logic_playerproxy
  • - Added "DamageDelay" keyvalue to trigger_hurt
  • - Added "Radius" keyvalue to func_monitor
  • - Added "OnStopLooking" to trigger_look
  • - Added "OutCounter" output to env_global
  • - Added "StripWeapon" input to player_weaponstrip, it strips a specific weapon
  • - Added "RenderTarget" keyvalue to point_camera
  • - Changed keyvalue "shootsound" on env_gunfire from choices to a string
  • - Added "OverrideSkyFog" keyvalue and "SetMaxDensity" input to env_fog_controller
  • - Added "EnableGun" and "EnableMountedGun" to prop_vehicle_jeep and some other base vehicle stuff
  • - Added "EnterVehicleImmediatelyAsDriver" input to npc_citizen
  • - Added some useful inputs from the prop_dynamic to prop_door_rotating
  • - Added an editor icon for item_random instead of the obsolete icon
  • - Fixed item_ammo_(weapon)_large models showing up as errors

Boy, it's been a while since I've updated this, I literally worked all day today to fix up and add a lot of things to the old FGD I released for Underhell, and one of the changes is:

Item Randoms no longer have keyvalues for what can be spawned

It's not a big flaw, the item_random works the same way as the game_player_equip entity, turn off SmartEdit and add the classname in the key and the number 1 for the value.  I went through every single Underhell map of Chapter 1 to find all the keyvalues and inputs/outputs that Mxthe has used throughout Underhell.  I can say I'm really impressed on how they expanded some very limited entities in the Source Engine.  Anyway I've went through all the maps and added everything I can, some I don't even know what they do yet, so I'm really hoping to hear some feedback on the FGD (as I'm sure I've screwed up numerous times). 

Happy Mapping!