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Scope Overlay [The other way]

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

Simple way to make scope overlay

First off I would like to start this tutorial by explaining why another scope overlay tut. As I've recently went to make scope for myself I've followed other tutorials and ended up with white lines around custom shape like shown on these screenshots: by Dagon and by GHOSTDOG which happens due to AA in photoshop (when you resize, rotate, move etc. etc.). As I found working around it time consuming, I did it other way around. While this tehnique may not be the best it sure is fastest and I might say easiest. What you need is Photoshop (I use CS3) with VTF plugin. You can download VTF plugin here In this tutorial I'll demonstrate 4:3 aspect ratio. If your screen is widescreen start off with widescreen resolution. 1) Start Photoshop and create new document with dimensions 1280x1024. - Create a new layer - Then fill it with black by pressing ALT+BACKSPACE - Change your FOREGROUND color to WHITE (so that our new circle is visible) and create new circle with ELIPSE tool by holding SHIFT to create perfect one. - We need to center our circle now with the black layer. So select both layers (hold CTRL) and LINK them, then press ALLIGN HORIZONTAL CENTERS and VERTICAL CENTERS on your options panel (window - options) as shown below. - After we centered circle we can unlink it. - select Black layer and click on Circle layer THUMBNAIL wich will create selection around circle then invert selection by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+I and apply layer mask on our black layer. - We can delete our circle now since we wont need it anymore. - This would be our basic setup for creating overlay(s). I advise you to save it separate so that you dont need to recreate this in your future overlay(s) creation. In 2nd part of this tutorial we'll put some additional cr..err stuff to understand how to allign, rotate, etc. layers in order to see them in a correct way. 2) So lets create a "duplex" reticle for the purpose of tutorial. View duplex reticle reference - First change FOREGROUND color back to black. - select LINE TOOL and draw a wide'vertical line across canvas. Then select it and duplicate it by pressing CTRL+J. rotate 2nd line 90 degrees by pressing CTRL+T and holding SHIFT while rotating it (to enable snap). - Then select RECTANGLE TOOL and draw a thin'vertical rectangle similar to one on reference photo. Duplicate it as well and rotate a copy same as with lines. - we need to align our shapes to be in center so select all shapes including our black layer (hold CTRL) and link them, then align HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL centers same as before. After it s done unlink all layers. - we need to set up our RULERS (View - Rulers) so we can set our reticles further from center by same distance. I've choosen 40 pixels since it seems ok looking at reference photo. (Right click on ruler to select pixels) - By holding SHIFT (to enable snap) drag each RECTANGLE to its position and fine tune it with arrow keys. (When you place horizontal duplicate it [CTRL+J] and move to other side, same with'vertical) - you can "shut down" our LINE SHAPES since we dont need them anymore. We used them as reference for center since we cannot remove CS:S default overlay. On a side note move your Layer 1 on top of all layers (in case you want to color your reticle). Also you can remove guides now as well (view - show - guides). 3) Thing to understand is that reticle needs to be flipped. So we can create a mirrored reticle or we can create normal one and flip it afterwards. Obviously easier is to create normal one then flip it. So we'll try it on something simple like the "playboy bunny". - We'll simply put bunny on right side of scope and flip entire composition. - BUT, before that group all layers except background and duplicate them so we have BACKUP incase we need to revert and move some layers or change them, etc. - After backup is done RIGHT CLICK on Composition group and select MERGE GROUP (and "shut down" backup if you havent already). - go Edit - Transform - Flip Vertical That would be it. Except those white lines I've mentioned. But also notice how white lines arent visible in area close to feathered black. We will use that to get rid of white spots. 4) Before resizing image, unlock BACKGROUND LAYER by holding ALT and double click on LOCK, then change FOREGROUND COLOR to black and apply it to background layer by pressing ALT+BACKSPACE then change opacity for it to 10% (it will get rid of white spots but wont be visible ingame). - go Image - Image size and set it to 2048x2048 - Then go Save As - choose format VTF and save file with Anisotropic (Eight Bit Alpha will also be selected by default). - Hope someone found this useful, Cheers. THE END


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    Nice tut, helped me to make my own scope :) Continue like that


    Boum! En pleine tête!
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    Boleslav69 Joined 8y ago
    Thx man, hope it ll work out nice for you.
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    Losing makes winning sweeter.
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    I'll be honest with you, the white lines always bothered me. On the screenshot of the scope I made I actually reduced them a bit (eraser), but I never managed to completely remove them. I still need to test out your tutorial, but the result seems to be good. Keep it up.


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    Way of the Samurai


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