Generator - like prisonbreaks'

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How to assemble a Generator that opens a door

Hey im Gnome and im going to show you how to make a generator :) Have you ever wondered how to make those generators, where the gas cans or battery stick in place when you throw them? such as on PrisonBreak? Well. this is the place to learn :) This tut also works for hl2 or hl2dm (say for co-op maps) First you want to start with your generator. For this Tutorial you will want models/props_vehicles/generatortrailer01.mdl Place it on your map and make it a prop static - it doesnt move when someone trys to push it and so on.Also i dont think that model can have physics enabled on it anyway. Now add a gas can or two. i used models/props_junk/gascan001a.mdl Im only going to do this for 1 item - the gascan. but it all works the same with other objects. Now select the Trigger texture and make a small box. around 2 times the size of the gas can in width. Control - T and make it a trigger_teleport. Name it teleport_gascan1 (or whatever you like. this is just easier to understand) Now select the info_target entitie and place it inside the trigger teleport Name the Target gc1 or something simple and easy to remember. give the gas can a name by double clicking it then editing the name box. Now make a filter_activator_name. Give it name like filter_gascan1 where it says Filter name. type the name of your gascan (eg. gascan1) Now double click your trigger_teleport and where it says Filter_name select your filter (eg. filter_gascan1) Press Apply. Now your done. Unless you want it to open doors. add outputs. Thanks! and if you want for more than 1 gascan or 1 gas can and 1 battery keep reading :) [title]Opening doors or activating items with more than 1 prop[title] Since yourve got 1 can already. make another. or add a battery. then re-do this process just adding in the name of that item. Now. Add a math_counter. Give it a name (eg. math_counter) Start disabled (No) Initial value (0) Minimum legal value (0) Maximum legal value (2) (depending on how many items you want it to open the door) Now go back to the trigger_teleport(s) and to each one add an output. My output named (OnStartTouch) Targets entities named (your math_counters' name) via this input (Add) with parameter override of (1) And your done. Thanks for reading. Hope this helps!


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    Tutorial seems well done, except when I follow it as well as I possibly can (only trying to do 1 can for now to get used to it) it doesn't work. I think it has something to do with the info_target not being linked with anything, but I may be wrong. Is there something I missed?


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