How to idle correctly(for dummies)

A Tutorial for Team Fortress 2

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How to idle for the simple minded(aka Dummies)

How to idle correctly(for dummies).

The current method of idling:

  1. Open TF2
  2. Join any server
  3. Wait.

Allow me to explain: As we all know, the best maps for idling are the ones that have a trigger_hurt where the players spawn.

But the common party-pooper appears and does his best to annoy idlers.
This includes:

  • Pushing them away of the death area.
  • Building healing dispensers next to them.
  • Healing them.
  • Airblasting away.
This will horribly ruin your "most time played" stats.

How to make sure you WILL die:
join a server and write this on console:

This will make you fire your weapon, totally neutralizing auto-kickers.

alias idle "kill; wait 4000; idle"
This is a custom command called "idle". It will make you suicide every 4000 frames in an endless loop.

idle This activates your custom command

Our new idling areas include:

  • cp_dustbowl
  • pl_goldrush
  • ctf_2fort

To stop the commands:

alias idle "wait 20"
(you must write the custom command's name everytime you update it)

If you can script, you can bind it to a button, so it toggles.

(or you can just join spectate team, but I doubt VALVe will allow spectating idlding for much longer)

I hope it helps! Happy idling.

(thanks to the people who pointed out a few mistakes)

PS: I have a Halo


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    > **Posted by wys**

    > if you are still idling one account at a time in text mode, or multiples using bat files, you should really check out our app.

    VALVe VAC-bans people who use idling programs now. Dumbass.
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    Apply directly to the forehead
  • 5y
    wys avatar
    wys Offline
    Member Joined 5y
    if you are still idling one account at a time in text mode, or multiples using bat files, you should really check out our app.
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  • 5y
    vytong avatar
    vytong Offline
    Member Joined 5y

    - Works


    - Can't stop


    - The stopping command doesnt work
  • 6y
    US3R5 avatar
    US3R5 Offline
    Member Joined 6y
    I just idled over night and found one item. I was stopped from getting any other items because that screen came up saying "you just found the huntsman" and that was all i got. I did the same thing a couple of nights ago and no such problem occurred (I got about 7 items). How do I remove this from appearing or was it just bad luck?
  • 7y
    RedArmySoldier avatar
    Member Joined 10y
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    Nice tutorial man very original. Readability is so and so a little bit of HTML would have been nice. I like how useful this is because I just idled for 6 hours and got over 5 item. You could go into more detail like video setting and script writing. Still very solid job


    If you want INS skins just pm
  • 7y
    redey59 avatar
    redey59 Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Cant you just go in spec for idleing ?
  • 7y
    chrisspyb avatar
    chrisspyb Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    I don't like idling myself but I am sure this will help those who do.


    I wish people would stop posting hate messages about idling, I mean, why would you go into a tutorial about it if all you are going to do is insult the poster!
    I don't idle but I'm not going to go and "jarate" people off about idling cause I really don't care!

    So...@*Loyen_* I do hope you had a much better reason for visiting this tutorial than to simply hate message all the idlers that want to know how to "properly do it"

    Back to Andy338pwns

    The tutorial is easy to read and looks like it would be a great help for the many idlers out there so...Good Job :D
    The cake is a lie- IS A LIE!
  • 8y
    0mikr0n avatar
    0mikr0n Offline
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    Raging drama nerds, please, shush. :)

    Now, on topic:

    Additionally, if a trigger_hurt area has a corner, the following commands can be used to auto-force your character into it every time you die:


    Entering all of them will not get you the desired result - you need to enter the two that will make you run towards the corner every time you die. So for example, if the corner of the trigger_hurt room is behind you to your right, then +back, +moveright.

    To negate the motions, just use the same commands as you used with a "-" prefix instead of a "+". Alternatively, you can just restart the game.


    Nikogo ne zhalko.
  • 8y
    Andy338pwns avatar
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    Pew pew
  • 8y
    Nickolas avatar
    Nickolas Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    OR instead of doing ALL that, you can just join a server that doesn't kick someone for inactivity and then be a spectator.
    THAT's how to idle correctly.



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