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A Tutorial for Crysis

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How to Play Single player maps with your Crysis Wars Trial 1) Download your map, there are several sites for getting some maps, like Map Factory / Crysis. Just click on one that you like the look of, and click the download button. Obviously you should remember to look in the single player section of the site for single player maps. 2) Once you’ve downloaded the map, extract it however you choose. At the very least, you should have the level.pak, but you could have several other folders. 3) Move the folder with the map name (one folder up from the level.pak) into your: Program files//Electronic Arts//Crytek//Crysis Wars//Game//Levels 4) Start up your game 5) Open the console with the ` key, the same as in source games, to the left of the number 1 key. 6) Type “Con_restricted 0” and then “map YourmapnameRemove the "quotation marks" for both 7) And there you go, endless custom singleplayer maps for your free game :D **Please note** If any map you play has yellow spheres in it, it means that you don’t have the correct model, which wasn’t included in Crysis Wars. I’m not sure how many models are in Crysis, but not in Wars. I've installed several, and they all work fine. I'm sorry for the terrible picture, I'm on me lappytop, and haven't got any decent image editing program, MS Paint ftw :D


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    But I already bought Crysis for 4.99 clearance.
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    I gotta change some stuff but it won't let me edit ><

    This will let you play singleplayer maps with your trial.


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