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Master's Guide To Zombie Mod

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

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Sit tight; this is gonna take a while.

Before I even start to elaborate on techniques for Humans and Zombies, there's a few things I have to say. Firstly, there's good players and there's better players. I'm gonna write this using information I've gathered over the years, and will point out the difference between good and better in each strategy, be it Cading, Roofing, Bridging, Hiding or Hunting. TIPS BEFORE YOU START: - The most important is to have this command bound: bind key "say !ztele" (If you're feeling badass, get a suicide tagline, like "You'll never take me alive." or "Yippee-ki-ai, motherf***er! and then bind it to a key in the same way you bound !ztele.) - You don't have to follow everything I say step for step, but it helps. I can't tell you what to do in every single possible situation in ZM; there's infinite possibilities. If you're faced with a situation in which you don't know what to do, improvise. Remember, survival first, glory second. - ZM is not GG; sure, being number 1 is great (I would know) but the point of ZM is to have fun. A skilled GG player is just as inexperienced in ZM as a new CS:S player, except with the bottom-line advantage that they conserve ammo (useless in Infinite Ammo servers) and can aim for the head (which can actually save your life when Hunting. Again, I would know.) - Spice it up a little! If you find a kick ass spot and go there every round, none but the dumbest of zombies will follow you to their death. It gets old pretty fast. Make up your own good spots, and move around a little! ---------------- GLOSSARY (see the section on strategies and Zombie types for more depth): - Diving: Jumping off an elevated area or a "roof" to a lower spot, accessible from above. - Knockback (KB): How far back a Zombie flies when it is hit. In order of least to most knockback - Behemoths, Tanks, All-rounders, Jumpers, Speed Zombies and Headcrab-style. - Jumpers: Zombies who are able to jump great heights. Excel at "stacking". - Speed Zombies: Zombies who run at high speeds, usually at about four times human speed. - Tanks: Zombies who run at average human speed, have large amounts of health and low knockback (KB). - Behemoths: Zombies who run at about half- or three-quarters human speed. They have almost no KB and immense amounts of health. - All-rounders: Zombies who run have decent speed, health, and KB. - Headcrab-style: Small, fast and weak with high KB. - Pushing: Using E to push or pull a barricade. Read the section on pushing for tips and precise info. - Stacking: Using a fellow Zombie as a "footstool" of some kind to jump higher. Jumpers excel in a situation where stacking is required. An advanced form of stacking involves two Jumpers; the "footstool" jumps as the "stacker" is airborne. They collide head-to-feet in mid air, hence the "stacker" is able to jump even higher. Contrary to popular belief, "triple stacking" (using two "footstools") does not work. - Nade-launching: Using a human nade to fly across a "bridge" or reach a "roof". Works especially well when using the "Headcrab-style" class. - Suicide nade: Dropping a nade at your feet before commiting suicide. - Cading: Closing off one or more entrances to an area, or "spot", with moveable "props" such as vending machines, bookcases, money boxes, etc. - Roofing: Defending an elevated spot. - Bridging: Defending a spot with only one entrance and reachable through a long, narrow spot of ground. When combined with "roofing", it makes for one of the hardest spots to reach. - Hiding: Finding a spot and staying there. When I get bored, I like to glitch inside vending machines or boxes. Read the section on "hiding" for more info. - Hunting: Staying out in the open and hunting for one or a small number (maximum 3, or it's suicide) of Zombies. - Weaving: Running unpredicatbly towards a firing human. Speed Zombies and Headcrab-style Zombies excel at this. - Tubing: Hiding in one of those concrete tubes. Sure, it looks like a good spot, but if your ass is sticking out of the back, you're done. And what if a Tank comes along? - Venting: Hiding in a vent or spot in which you are crouching, or have to crouch to get to. Many servers have a "pistol only" rule for these spots. Okay. Are you guys ready? ----------------------- ZOMBIES Since you're (probably) new, you'll (probably) be spending twice as much time playing Zombie than Human, so I'll start with them. Zombies aim to infect everyone before the round ends. Essentially, you have to stab a human to infect them. Easy enough, right? Wrong; you'll have to break and bust through cades, take out "tubers" and "venters" who won't pull out their pistols, teach Hunters a lesson... the list goes on. POINTERS FOR ZOMBIES: - Got a "venter" or a "tuber" who won't put away the P90? Switch your class to a Tank or Behemoth (or if you're like me, you already are one) and jump into the vent. Keep moving forward and pressing spacebar. This cancels out KB, meaning you'll still be moving forward, When you're within range, shank 'em. - Pushing is your best friend when it comes to cades. The E key makes wonders. Knifing won't do much; why not pull that bookcase out the door? Or drag that pile of vendors out one by one? Have you tried running and pressing E against that stood up vendor? - Zombies are way less vulnerable than you actually think. They have a huge knife reach, tons of health and, depending on your class, can reach particular spots much faster than a reguar human could. - Many cades that LOOK unbreakable sometimes aren't. If you're able to get under the cade (e.g. under the room where the cade is built), push it with E. It'll fly upwards and likely break everything. Rush in. If the humans rebuild the cade, repeat. Let's move on to classes. There are five different classes of Zombies (there's many more subclasses tailored to people's tastes, but these are the basic ones): Jumpers, Speed Zombies, Tanks and Behemoths, All-rounders and Headcrab-style. JUMPERS As the name implies, Jumpers can jump to great heights, and are ideally used for "stacking" or vertical nade-launching. GOOD players will: stack, vertically nade-launch. BETTER players will: stack, vertically nade-launch, dive and use KB to their advantage. BEST USE: Stacking ------------------ SPEED ZOMBIES Their high speed makes them ideal for picking off stray humans early in the round. They have a decent amount of health and are only foiled by their high KB. GOOD players will: hunt humans, nade-launch, dive. BETTER players will: hunt humans, nade-launch, dive, use KB to their advantage. BEST USE: Hunting ------------------ TANKS AND BEHEMOTHS Their lower speed makes them inadequate when hunting humans. Their large amount of health, however, allows them to penetrate defences where weaker zombies would fail. They can nade-launch, but it's extremely difficult. GOOD players will: bust through broken cades. BETTER players will: break cades by "pushing", cancel out KB in vents, bust through cades. BEST USE: Taking out the guy in the seemingly inmpregnable tube or vent. ------------------ ALL-ROUNDERS They're freaking Swiss Army Knives. Do what you will. GOOD players will: use their high health and speed. BETTER players will: use their high health, speed and low KB. BEST USE: taking out lightly caded spots. ------------------ HEADCRAB-STYLE Super fast, super small and... super weak. If you're careful, though, you could rack up a helluva lotta points. GOOD and BETTER players will: hunt humans (it's easy with these guys!), dive, nade-launch in ANY (and I mean ANY) direction, jump through gaps in cades... infinite possibilities. BEST USE: Camping a window and waiting for some guys to wander too close, or jumping through a doorway. ------------------ So that's the classes. My favorites are Tanks and Headcrab-style Zombies, just cause they're polar opposites that fit different situations. But I'm only getting started. Let's move on to Humans and how not to get infected. P.S. Don't die as a Zombie. You lose rank. A lot. I prefer to disconnect or find a door and get stuck in it. And die. No point loss. HUMANS With Humans, it's like this. You get two shots at racking up points. You get more points as a Human for killing Zombies, lose a lot when you get turned, and get about half the points for an infection. My only advice is DON'T GET INFECTED. TIPS FOR HUMANS: - There's alternatives to getting turned. If you're roofing and not too high off the ground, jump until you're sure you'll die the next time you jump. If you're high off the ground, leave the zombies a nade and jump. I guarantee, people will worship you for it. - Nades + Cades = Bad. If you can, throw a nade so it bounces off a wall and away from the entrance. You'll nail the zombies and your cade will still be there. - Be careful when you throw nades. When you're bridging or roofing not too high off the ground, NEVER throw a nade. There's probably someone waiting for it. Sure, nades are fun, but they're traitorous. - Again, suicide is almost always an option. Or you could "spec out" (just don't get caught. I'm not responsible for you getting banned for this.). Just bind a key (I bound Q for this) like this: bind key spectate ------------------ WEAPONS Pistols: Any pistol works, unless you're planning on venting or tubing. In that case, use a Desert Eagle. It's got a good fire rate, and if you aim for the head you're sure to get em. Even when they jump inside the vent to cancel out KB, you SHOULD be able to knock em back a little. Although I love the Deagle, I use the P228. It fires .357 rounds at a high fire rate. It doesn't have as much stopping power as the Deagle, but does the trick. As always, aim for the head. Shotguns:Don't be fooled by the XM1014, better known as the auto-shotty. It becomes impossible to aim when emptied, and it's even worse on no-reload servers. The M3, however, is an excellent choice for shooting out of windows or through gaps in cades and provides tons of stopping power for hunting. It's a godly weapon on no-reload servers. SMGs: This isn't GG. Any of the choices (EXCEPT the UMP45.) available works, depending on the situation. For defending windows, a TMP or MAC10 works well. The best SMG, in my opinion, is the MP5. It has a high rate of fire, is extremely accurate and can pummel enemies back. Aim for the head; the MP5's 9mm bullets are useless when fired at limbs or the chest. The P90 deserves an honorable mention; it also has a high fire rate, but uses 5.7 rounds. It has more stopping power than the tiny MP5, but should be used for no more than medium range. Assault Rifles: The M4A1 and AK47 are both decent choices, but I prefer the AUG or the FAMAS; The AUG for its 7.62 caliber and scope, the FAMAS for its insane rate of fire (you're shooting about 1100 5.56 bullets per minute.) On no-reload servers, the FAMAS rules. The GALIL is also a valid choice if you're low on cash. Sniper Rifles: The G3/SG-1 (terrorist auto-sniper) is good because of its 7.62 caliber, but wildly inaccurate when fired full auto. Fired in two-burst headshots, it is much better than the SG550, which fires 5.56 and is even more inaccurate. The AWP is great for defending corridors (stritcly as a support weapon) or roofing (again, as support) and is my favorite weapon to use when it comes to long range. The Scout is exclusively for bragging rights. Nades: Like I said before, be careful. NEVER use them for hunting. ------------------ SPOTS AND STRATEGIES Now I'm going to elaborate on strategies for different spots. In order of safest to most risky (this, again, is based on how well you set up the cade, or how high the roof is, or how long the bridge is... etc.) your choices are Roofing, Bridging, Cading, Hiding and Hunting. ROOFING The higher you are off the ground, the better. Make sure zombies can't "dive" to your spot or stack. If you're on a platform and there's cracks in or around it, stay away from them, you WILL get stabbed. If you get there via a teleporter, make sure no zombie knows how to get there. If humans know how to get there, don't use it. When they get infected, it's only a matter of time. Always have a powerful sidearm ready, (if the server has a !buy option or a !guns menu, keep an automatic weapon nearby, preferably a TMP or MAC10). Remember, if you're not high enough off the ground to guarantee a suicide when you jump, make sure you're low on health (the lower the better, just don't accidentally walk off!). Sometimes zombies like to hide behind people until their victim turns around; if you hear footsteps, see a shadow behind you, or see a zombie when you look at your feet, don't jump; run off the edge and hope to hell you don't get stabbed. GOOD players will: jump off at the sight of danger BETTER players will: use an AWP, have dualies/a P228/a Deagle ready, shoot enemies off their platform and use suicide nades. BEST USE: picking off zombies without them being able to reach you ------------------ BRIDGING Easily enough, with a couple of friends and some firepower, you can defend this type of spot. The biggest danger is your stupid explosion-loving friend; he won't hesitate to throw a nade at a pack of zombies, will he? (In other words, nades are the biggest threat). If you're defending a bridge alone, use an AUG if it's a long bridge, or a FAMAS if it's a short one. Usually, bridges have hazards; an acid pit or a fatal drop, maybe lava... Don't miss a golden oppurtunity to commit suicide. Don't forget the nade. GOOD players will: aim for the head and keep pushing zombies back BETTER players will: bring a buddy (so one of them can shoot zombies back and the other one off the bridge), commit suicide and avoid using nades. ------------------ CADING Here, props are your best friend. You have to effectively block the most vulnerable part of your spot: the entrance. If there's more than one, block off the most easily entered one, and use the remaining props to fortify the other(s). There's always a chance that there's a sercret one you dont know about, so listen for breaking glass, metal, stone or wood. if you have the time, conduct a search of the room by knifing suspicious areas or spraying walls. If your spray is missing parts, or doesnt appear at all, there's a door or breakable panel there. You can't do much against teleporters into your spot, except hope no one finds it and put a prop there so zombies get trapped. GOOD players will: build a cade that leaves no visible space between the blocked area and the cade. BETTER players will: build a cade that leaves visible space from which you can shoot zombies aiming to dismantle your cade, secure the cade by putting props behind and beside it, and ensure zombies cannot crouch through the visible space. BEST USE: Completely sealing off an area while providing kill opprtunities. ------------------ HIDING Bored? This is great for taunting zombies till the round ends. For grabbing points, it's less than great. It's mostly for your entertainment as well as spectators'. You could hide in a corner and watch zombies walk by, or you could go on the defence and glitch yourself inside an object. To do this, find an object, shoo it near a corner, throw a nade so that the blast pushes the object into you and voila, you're good to go. Vendors, money boxes and large crates work well for this purpose. It's almost impossible to be found unless a spectator tells a zombie where you are. Make sure you buy a large-caliber gun (I suggest the FAMAS). If you're discovered and on the verge of dying, shoot the vendor/money box/crate back into the corner with you still inside. Zombies can pull, but they can't match the pushing power of 1100 5.56 round per minute. GOOD players will: hide and not make a sound. BETTER (and overly confident) players will: hide silently for a while, get bored, make their presence known and hold off zombies till the round is over. BEST USE: Strictly for entertainment. Any attempt to get points while hiding CAN and WILL get you killed. ------------------ HUNTING If the starting zombie hasn't infected anyone for a while, people are tempted to go out and hunt the zombie. Unless you're skilled (and overly fearless) you shouldn't try this. If you wanna do like Rambo, then you should follow these guidelines. You will need: No more than 5 people At least: One shotgun One SMG One high-caliber assault rifle (7.62 works best) No nades - you have no idea how important this is. Be vigilant. Never get backed into a corner and always have an escape plan. The most critical thing to remember is NEVER wander into the !ztele zone (spawn); clever zombies will rush you from all directions. Also, watch out for newly joined players; they may spawn and attack you unpredictably. There's a reason why this is the least safe way to play a round. GOOD players will: follow the guidelines BETTER players will: follow the guidelines and add their own experience into the mix. And avoid nades. BEST USE: gaining a feeling of badassery and accomplishment ----------------- ENDNOTES So there you have it. You've read 3000 words of Zombie Mod knowledge. But reading and understading this is only half the battle; you're gonna get infected a lot more till you finally are able to apply everything here. Another thing is... I'm not a master, far from it. I'm always learning and there's always something I don't know. That's why I'll be updating this from time to time. I can only hope you guys will do the same and give me some pointers in the comment box below. EDITS - It's been brought to my attention that some servers don't have various Zombie classes, in which case they most likely use all-rounders with lower KB than normal. Just apply strategies outlined in the All-rounder section, account for lower KB, and everything should go just fine. Thanks for reading! Happy headhunting, GS
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