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A Tutorial for Half-Life: Source

Custom MODELS WITH PLAYER MODELS PLUGIN. DOWNLOAD LINK::;13618486;/fileinfo.html copy hl1mp folder and paste to your source dedicated server folder and select yes to all EXAMPLE: "c:\STEAM\steamapps\ACOUNT FOLDER NAME\source dedicated server\" after paste the files go to your cfg folder open autoexec.cfg and write this cammand cfg folder can found here EXAMPLE: "c:\STEAM\steamapps\ACOUNT FOLDER NAME\source dedicated server\hl1mp\cfg\" autoexec.cfg es_load cuz_skins es_load download you need mattie event plugins and mani_admin_plugins too. MATTIE'S EVENT SCRIPT'S for hldms mani admin plugins source dedicated server save the file and run your server and then join your server,it will download all the files. when all files done. press escape click on options and select new models,with name beta_gordon,beta_gina,beta_helmet when you select model click ok here is pic of player select option this option enable when you used this plugin on server and players download. you can also put put this pic link on your motd. so when player type motd pic load. "!beta_models" HAVE FUN!!! CONTACT: Well sory about my poor english.



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