Local Area Network Game Tutorial!

A Tutorial for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge

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This tutorial will cover a major problem surrounding the "Network Game" in the Yuri's Revenge game!

Local Area Network Game Tutorial! This tutorial will cover a major problem surrounding the "Network Game" in the Yuri's Revenge game!
You want to start a new LAN(Local Area Network) game. You go ahead and you click on 'Network Game' but there is no one in the lobby except you! You're pretty sure your friend is there but why cant you see him? You both have the original game installed and the latest patches on but whats the damn problem?
This tutorial will answer all those questions for you! Let's begin! First, Yuri's Revenge requires that the IPX/SPX protocol should be installed on your network connection for it to run over a LAN(Local Area Network). Second, you will need to select the correct MAC Address(Physical Address) in your game for it to connect through it. Phase # 1 Installing the IPX/SPX protocol on your Network connection! Ok, you need to go to "Start>Settings>Network Connections", right-click on your currently active LAN(Local Area Network) and open its properties. Click "Install", choose "Protocol", choose "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol" and install it. And thats it, you're all done! Phase # 2 Configuring the game for the correct settings! Ok, you need to go to "Start>Run", type "cmd" and hit ENTER.. In the command window that comes up type:
ipconfig /all
Next, scroll back up and look for the "Physical Address" of your network card. Write it down. Exit the Command window by typing "exit" and hitting ENTER. Boot up Yuri's Revenge, goto Options from the main menu. Next click on Network in the right hand column. Make sure that it says "IPX OPTIONS" in the upper right hand corner. Look up at the top where it says LAN Settings, then Network Card. Click on the drop down menu for Network Card and choose the MAC Address (Physical Address) that you wrote down earlier. Click OK, and now try your "Network Game". Everyone should now be showing up in the Lobby! You need to do this for each and every computer in your LAN!! Hope this helps anyone that comes by to read.


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