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Tips 'n' Tricks

A Tutorial for Stronghold: Crusader

Greetings all gamers! There are a few interesting tricks which can be done with peasants, and I thought I should make a tutorial! Trick # 1 Recruit troops even when the maximum limit is achieved! * Doesn’t work in multiplayer This trick is very easy and I think most of you know it however I’ll explain again. When the maximum limit is achieved do the following actions: Make sure you disband a few troops to be allowed to buy! 1. Sleep all your workers 2. Go to the mercenary post, barracks or engineers (it depends on which troops You want to buy) 3. Then pause the game as quick as possible (press p) 4. Now buy the troops! Make sure You have enough gold and weapons (if you buy European units) Trick 2 Many workers in ONE working place This trick is easy too, but very effective to your economy. Can you imagine a single apple orchard which would give the same amount of apples as 20 ordinary ones? This saves your resources and space! First I will explain how to get the doubled workers: 1. Build the desired building 2. Press on the building 3. Pause the game (press p) 4. When the game is paused, sleep and wake the worker 5. Activate the game – now you got the second worker! However this trick isn’t that effective in multiplayer due to the fact that there’s no pause function, but you can try sleeping and waking the workers very quickly, I usually double my workers in a multiplayer match, as then it’s getting almost impossible to add more workers to the single building. Another thing – not all buildings are evenly effective with more than one worker, so I made this table for you to understand which buildings should be considered as the most effective with many workers.
Table of Buildings:Woodcutter ** Quarry - Ox tether * Iron mine ** Pitch rig ** Hunters post ** Apple orchard ** Dairy farm ** Hop farm ** Wheat farm ** Chapel, cathedral, church ** Apothecary ** Well, water pot ** Fletcher’s workshop * Poleturner’s workshop * Tanner’s workshop * Armourer’s workshop ** Blacksmith’s workshop - Bakery - Mill * Brewery * Inn -
Legend:- means having more than 1 worker doesn’t do any effect or even production gets slower in this building * means having more than worker anticipates the production a little in this building ** means it is very efficient, the production will get faster with every worker added to this building
Trick 3 Control your workers and peasants! * This trick only works with Stronghold 1! Have you ever wanted to control your workers and peasants? Guess what Stronghold 1 players – You can! We will create these sort of peasants with the help of the well known function – creating rally points. First, select some of your troops: Then press ctrl + 1. You just created a custom group of soldiers, and when you press 1, the troops will become active! Now disband those troops. Press 1 again and guess what? You can control the peasants as same as the troops! Adding buildings will make your controllable peasants into controllable workers! The workers and the peasants can patrol! Peasants will always bow when they stop walking! BUT be sure that the workers are walking when you press 1, if not they will move in strange positions, like sitting, etc. Furthermore, You can easily create more than 1 group, just use other numbers from 1 to 9, and you can have controllable woodcutters, miners, farmers, hunters, etc! This trick opens a new feature in the playability as now you can create a mission where you have to play with your workers (woodcutters, hunters and some other workers can fight! Just order them to come close to the enemy). You can also use the peasants and the workers for great eyecandy aspects too! In crusader this function can only help you see life lines of your workers and peasants, you can’t control them. I hope this tutorial was useful! Sincerely, AZ ViTrAzhAs
Disclaimer! I, Ṁr_Ṗerisher, did not write any of this tutorial. The author is "AZ ViTrAzhAs" and this tutorial has been ported upon his permission. Although I will take some credit for this submission here on FPSB as I edited the tutorial for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, also, I added all the colors and pictures you see in this tutorial (which was a major pain).. Thankyou for reading! Enjoy!
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