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The Scouts Guide

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

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A very in-depth look on the art of scouting, with some tips and tricks to add to your own repetoire.

Due to the lack of information on my earlier tutorial, I have decided to trash it in favor of a newer, better one. Welcome to the final Scouting Guide you will ever see me make.


Hello and welcome to Karnivore915's Scouting Guide. Have you ever been annoyed that you didn't have a way to kill that stupid AWPer that keeps killing your whole team every round because he has the most money? Well, now you can stick it to him and make him doubt his skills while doing it! You've stumbled upon the guide to change your life... on the internet at least (cant help the fact that you have no friends, sorry bud =D). Feel free to discuss any issues you have with this guide as I will be checking and replying to every comment.

Section 1: Your Scout and You

The scout is the cheapest sniper in Counter-Strike: Source, and a relatively cheap gun period. At a cost of $2750, its a wonder why you don't see this gun more often? Aside from the pricing advantage, you run pretty fast with the scout out, as opposed to the AWP. The no-scope accuracy is a huge upgrade from the AWP, and the accuracy of the gun is only slightly off while moving. I find the scout to be an extraordinary weapon, and one that should be used a hell of a lot more than it is currently being used.

Section 2: Know Thine Enemy

In order to become an accomplished scouter, you need to know the opposing force. In this section, we will take a brief detour from discussing the Scout, and take a look at the other snipers in the game: AWP, G3/SG-1 and Sig 550. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will enable you to find out a good strategy to taking them out before they take you out. It is imperative to know these, so even if you think you know about the other snipers, take a quick little review, as the information will become handy during the tutorial.


The AWP is an incredibly overused sniper, probably because of the 1 hit kill tendency it has. Indeed, the AWP is a powerful weapon, however, it's strength ends right about there. its pricey, at $4750. This might not be an issue in some servers, but it can definitely deter and even prevent people from buying this weapon (which is good). Another factor, the no-scope accuracy, is horrible. The chances of you hitting a target, even at a distance of less than a few feet, are incredibly low. Other factors to take into consideration are the speed that you run with the weapon out, which is incredibly slow (an easy target for scouters =D), and the size of the gun, which may not seem like much but it can peek through doors and can be seen easily around corners, giving your enemy an early warning sign and an advantage. All in all, the one hit kill (mostly) is an extremely good upgrade from the scout, but all the negative factors definitely deter me from using this gun more than the scout.

The G3/SG-1

This is the terrorist-available auto-sniper. Since it is semi-automatic, clip size definitely has a bigger impact, and this one is relatively small. 20 rounds, although it doesn't seem that small, is not a lot when the gun your using has major kickback and your spraying. They rounds drop quickly, and your left trying to reload while a group of enemies that only got hit once are charging you. The damage is similar to the scout, maybe just a tad weaker. It is still a 2 hit kill from the chest, a 2 hit kill from a limb, and a 1 hit kill from the head. The major issue with this weapon is the kickback. Be prepared to shoot just as slow as the scout with this one, it becomes incredibly inaccurate even after the first shot. Other than that, a formidable foe against the scout. I almost forgot, the price of this baby is a whopping $5000, so be prepared to indulge if you wish to buy this gun.

The Sig 550

The opposite of its terrorist counterpart, the Sig 550 is the counter-terrorist version of the auto-sniper. It has a 30 round clip, which definitely lasts longer than the G3/SG-1. it is definitely weaker than the G3/SG-1, but generally a 2 hit kill from the chest, a 2 hit kill from the limbs, and a 1 hit kill from the head. The only exception is when hitting the very end of a limb, such as hand or foot. In this case, it actually takes 3 hits, but it still deals around 45 DMG to a person if you hit them in the hand/foot. Kickback is a very big issue with this gun, more so than the G3/SG-1. It is VERY inaccurate after the first shot, and should only be fired in controlled shots. The price of this gun is cheaper than the AWP, only at $4200, but it is still a pricey weapon, and I don't think the price of the gun is worth it, as with all the other snipers besides the scout.

Section 3: Before You Shoot...

Make sure you buy a good backup weapon (pistol) as this will almost always come in handy if you get overrun or need to go into close quarters combat. Also, if you can afford it, try to get some armor and a helmet. This, although wont protect against a headshot, will make you take less damage from a sniper bullet and more health is always a good thing. Before you are ready to start your sniping, you must first choose a good spot to snipe from. This is probably the trickiest part of sniping, and it heavily depends upon the map and your skill level. Some things to keep in mind are: A) Visibility - Make sure you have enough space to aim and get off a good shot before you loose visibility of your target. Basically this means if you are not a good sniper, then sniping through double doors in dust2 is not a good idea, as you wont have much time to aim and fire for a headshot. B) Protection - Almost all sniper spots have 1 or more flanks. This is a good and bad thing. Good for the fact that if you get flanked, you can run somewhere other than back to the people flanking you, and bad because of the fact that they CAN flank you. But, if your spot has good protection, you can hear when people are coming (i.e. you are close enough to your flank that you can hear people going to it) and you can either hide back to camp the flanker(s) or you can run away and find cover from them. C) Diversity - Don't go to the same spot every round. It is easily detected and you will be easily killed from people who know where you camp every round. Mix it up a bit people! As long as these precautions are taken, you will be in good standings to start your sniping. ALWAYS move if you know someone has spotted you, as people will continually check there throughout the round and even the rounds after that. So you've done all these things, and an enemy enters your sights. Time to...

Section 4: Take the Shot

Assess your skill. Are you good enough to hit a targets head? Or do you not trust yourself enough to get that 1 hit kill? If you don't think you can hit the head... DON'T! That's right folks, you heard it here, if you aren't good enough to get a headshot, don't aim for the head. That doesn't mean don't practice, as this is always a good thing to do, but it basically means wounding the enemy, weakening him for a possible second shot or even for your teammates to take him out is MUCH better than missing completely, giving away your position, and in turn getting yourself killed. If you cannot hit the head, then aim for the chest or the stomach. Don't leave it at that though. When you die or if you get a chance to look at either the person if you do not end up killing him or the body if you do end up killing him. Did you hit it where you were aiming for? Was it exact on? Close? Use this to find out if your ready to go for the headshot.

Section 5: Facing Enemy Snipers

Believe it or not, I believe that the scout has an advantage over every other sniper in the game. in this section, we will discuss how to handle each of the enemy snipers individually. Each situation has it's own unique properties, but a few things remain the same for every situation. Keep Moving! The scout is the ONLY sniper whose accuracy isn't heavily compromised by moving. Only stop for a split second before you take the shot, just to steady yourself and make it so you have a non-moving recticle to shoot from. Chances are, the gun will be accurate. Keep an eye out! Most sniper battles are settled by one shot, either from you or your enemy, but during prolonged fights, make sure you don't let an enemy trick you into getting distracted, then somebody flanks you and you are defenseless. Always hit your enemy! Regardless of whether or not you get a headshot, taking a sniper shot and missing is a COMPLETE waste of time, ammo, and secrecy. You have to reload before you can take another shot, or even scope in, and this gives the enemy a chance to kill you. Missing shots will happen, it happens even to the professionals, but basically what I'm saying is make your shot count, and be prepared to pay the price if it doesn't.

Scout VS AWP

This is the only situation in which I STRONGLY recommend you take the extra time to aim for the head. Reason being, if you miss, or even hit then but not kill them, and their even an adequate sniper, you are f***ed... Also, you have the headshot advantage over them. AWP is inaccurate while moving, so they will most likely be standing still. Even if they aren't (which just means they are even LESS likely to hit you) they have an AWP... they move slow... they are an easy target.

Scout VS Auto-Sniper

The thing to always remember when facing an auto-sniper is KEEP MOVING. The kickback of an auto-sniper only makes them killing you while spraying complete luck. Especially if their moving, which they probably wont be (making for an easy headshot), they wont stand a chance. Try jumping up and down if you are forced to reload, as this will prevent most bullets from hitting your head. All in all, remember that getting hit with an auto-sniper is NOT a 1 hit kill (besides the headshot, of course...) so DON'T PANIC! Plenty of kills have been earned by the person whose being shot at with an auto-sniper gets hit, panics, and goes to hide for a while. As soon as he comes out, hes already weakened and a 1 hit kill... Also, keep in mind, running away and hiding are two completely different things. Running away if the odds are completely against you is perfectly O.K.

Scout VS Scout

This situation is similar to the AWP except for the fact that you CANNOT stand still at all. Also, going for the head is recommended, however, if you are not skilled enough, don't go for the head. Don't be afraid to die in a video-game... not that big of a deal. Again, not much differs from facing an AWP, only the scout is more mobile and will require a bit more skill to come out of this one alive. Think of it as the ultimate test...

Section 6: After The Kill

So you've taken down your target. That's it right? Wrong. Unless that was the final kill, you've still got a round to play. This is where logical thinking comes into play. Assess your situation... how far is it into the round? Could there be enemy's close enough to hear where the shot came from? Did I leave any marks to emphasize where I am (Broken glass, moved items, etc.) Unless the round has just started and people are still running out of the base, it's almost always a good idea to move positions. A static sniper is an easy target to find, and in turn, an easy one to kill. Also look at the amount of time/people left. Are there enough people on your team to complete the mission without your immediate assistance? Is there enough time for me to continue sniping while my team completes the mission? Do they need my help? Again, use these answers to find out what to do next. If you do decide to stop camping, it is always a good idea to replace your scout with a better weapon for whatever situation you will be put in. A scout is practically useless if your running down the halls of cs\_office... Also, try to keep an eye on your radar. It can give extremely handy information as to where the next place you should move to/look at. Bottom line, keep moving, even when you've killed someone. You might have even shown up on the enemy radar, which can be a very very bad thing.

Section 7: Practicing

A few helpful hints on how to practice with the scout. Try starting your own server and setting the bots to only have knives and tell them to join a specific team. No matter how many bots you say to join the game, only 3 will appear on the opposing team. This is a simple fix, and here are a few commands to know, mp\_limitteams # - Sets the maximum amount of players (Bots or human) that can be on a team at once. Increase this to allow more than 3 bots on the opposing team. bot\_add\_# - Adds a bot to a specific team. Replace the # with "t" or "ct" to add to that specific team. sv\_cheats 1 - Basically allows you to do anything in console, and allows you to do a few of the commands listed. endround - Use if you have a BOT teammate and hes camping or something. Basically restarts the round. sv\_gravity # - Changes the gravity, 800 is the default. Don't know why you'd want to change this but some people find it easier to scout in low gravity. Tweak the settings to your liking and try a round using scout only. Maybe increase the difficulty (with them only using knives remember) and see how good you do then. Maybe even allow the bots to use pistols or grenades or something. The harder you set the bots, the harder it will be to survive, and the better you will get. However, I do not suggest starting out immediately on Expert and rifles, as you will only get frustrated with yourself for dying every round. Do a gradual increase and you'll be a master scouter before you know it!

Section 8: Epilogue

Well there you have it, an in-depth look at the forgotten art of "scouting". I hope I have persuaded you to stop spending all your money on that huge AWP and get just as many kills with the scout. Think about it, a person who is doing good on a team with an AWP is labeled "AWPing Noob". A person who is pulling off the same amazingness with a scout is labeled "Amazing". Who would you rather be? Thanks for reading! NOTES: If you find any false information PLEASE post it. I wholeheartedly accept any mistakes I make, especially in a huge tutorial, and really appreciate the critics taking action against false information. Thank you for fixing any problems you might find* Thanks kami :)


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  • Karnivore915 avatar
    Karnivore915 Joined 12y ago
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    Posted by msns90046 If it is a LITE tutorial,than we can's get more informations. The details of it is good,awp isn't a good gun for a first-css-newbie,they should learn more about the scout,if I can be a SUPER scout pro,I'll thank you very much! Therefore,AWP is fuxxxng gay,n00b gun,no skills as those auto-sniping rifles and I also hate to put a deagle after buying an awp,isn't a usp or a glock more bullets? The answer is: They just want to covet the "One shot one kill" saying and they are too lazy to shoot 2 SHOTS to an enemy. Overall awp is gay,scout is more manly than it.
    Love your leetspeak :) But I agree with you. People use the awp a little too much for my taste.
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    That guy you wish you were
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  • lovelyRadio avatar
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    If it is a LITE tutorial,than we can's get more informations. The details of it is good,awp isn't a good gun for a first-css-newbie,they should learn more about the scout,if I can be a SUPER scout pro,I'll thank you very much! Therefore,AWP is fuxxxng gay,n00b gun,no skills as those auto-sniping rifles and I also hate to put a deagle after buying an awp,isn't a usp or a glock more bullets? The answer is: They just want to covet the "One shot one kill" saying and they are too lazy to shoot 2 SHOTS to an enemy. Overall awp is gay,scout is more manly than it.
    Life is good.
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    AWP = n00b Always noob use awp and camping. I hate awp -__- slow and accuracy is bad but one shot one kill.
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    Proud to be Lithuanian
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  • gazzr avatar
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    Great tut. it really helps ;) tbh i hate AWP imo it the worst gun in the game (worse than glock)
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  • Sandy106 avatar
    Sandy106 Joined 11y ago
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    Pros: Def. a long read but worth it, it's very detailed. Cons: AWM IS GAY!!! Also, the autosnipers are underrated IMO. Improvements: None needed really.
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    Pros: a long read, but still a good one... a lot of useful detail and strategies.. a real sniper uses a scout! Cons: AWP whores, your score is 50 n 10 because you can one shot kill someone in the arm. Improvements: and a small section on learning to strafe shoot and no scope..
    Be excellent to each other
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