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Edit Trader Files - A Tutorial for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

How to edit trader files in Clear Sky

Want to make the trader sell something specific. Want to make them sell everything? Want to change the prices of everything? Then this is the right tut for you! -=[How to Begin]=- First of all you will need to extract the correct files from you game. This is easily explained in my other tut found here. Once you have extracted the files navigate to the "configs\misc\trade" folder. In this folder there are many files with a .ltx extension. [Screenshot A] Each of these can be edited to change the traders in-game. They can be opened with notepad or a variant of it. Select which trader you would like to edit and read on. For an exapmle the screenshots will show "trade_barmen_all.ltx" -=[Initial Viewing]=- Once you have the file open you will a few things at the top. You can ignore these if you want. basically they explain to the game what each section is. Some of them will also have conditions for different parts of the game, so the traders will sell new stuff after different events in the game. If you want the trader to sell stuff no matter what you can delete the condition sections. So basically it would appear as: [trader] buy_condition = trade_generic_buy sell_condition = trade_generic_sell buy_supplies = supplies_start [Screenshot B] -=[Change the Buy Price]=- Now we move on to changing what price the trader will buy things from you for. Under [trade_generic_buy] is what the trader will pay for your gear. First of all you may see ";NO TRADE". This basically means that the trader will not buy this item from you. You will then see some numbered ones. These numbered ones will determine the buy price the trader will have for your equipment. It's unclear what the two numbers mean, but having both numbers the same means that the base price is multiplied by those numbers. For example if you had = 1, 1 for the medkit, the barmen would buy the medkit for 1 x 300 = 300ru. [Screenshot C] For another exapmle if you wanted the trader to buy the medkit for 3,000ru then change both numbers to 10. So 10 x 300 = 3,000ru. -=[Change the Sell Price]=- Moving along you will see [trader_generic_sell]. This is what the trader will sell everything for.Again if you see ";NO TRADE", it means that the trader will not sell it. It's a little different here as there are two changes you need to make in order for them to sell something. Starting here you will need to change the ;NO TRADE to = #, #. Replacing # with the same number. To decrease the sell price change this to something below 1. For example if you want the barmen to sell medkits at 3ru, you would need to make it = 0.01, 0.01. As 0.01 x 300 = 3ru. [Screenshot D] -=[Changing the Supplies]=- Next you will have to actually make sure the traders have your gear in stock. You will find the right section is under [supplies_start]. The numbers here have a much different meaning to the other two sections. And not everything is listed under this section, only things that the trader will sell. There is also no ";NO TRADE" here. The first number here represents the number of that item that the trader will sell. The second number is the percentage chance of him having some in stock. For example, to make the trader have 10 medkits all the time we would change it to = 10, 1. [Screenshot E] -=[Other Sections]=- So you've edited all these files and are wondering what the hell those other sections mean. Well they are just like the [supplies_start] section except they have a condition. This condition is hidden away but, we can guess from the names. For example if we look at the duty trader, we can see these three variations on the condition section:{=actor_in_dolg} trade_friend_sell, trade_generic_sell. I would guess that "{=actor_in_dolg}" would be if you are part of the faction, and "trade_friend_sell' would be if you are a friend to the faction. This means that the trader will buy things for different prices after certain conditions are met. There are also variations to the buy_supplies section. These simply mean that after certain conditions are met the trader will have different stock. -=[Finished, Now Install]=- Now you have finished editing the file and are wondering where to put it. Simple just put it in the same section as you found it only in the gamedata folder instead. [Screenshot F]. Done it should now change in-game! Enjoy! -=[Common Problems]=- Q: "I added the sell price instead of ;NO TRADE, but he still doesn't sell the item, why?" A: Well you haven't told him to sell it! Simply copy the lines from the sell section and paste them under the supplies_start section. Then change the numbers according to the "Changing the Supplies" section. I will add more as I am asked more.
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    Thanks you realy helped :D
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    This is a good tutorial. Easy to follow with plenty of screenshots. Keep writing these!
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    Can you make a file that has just the first trader sell everything for free? Because i'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to do all this.
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    money talks, silence pays
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