Importing Custom Models

A Tutorial for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

Add Custom Models to your maps.

This tutorial will explain how to import custom models into World Editor, to use in your custom maps or to edit existing maps with these models. First, find the model files you want to import. Usually there will be a .blp file and a .mdx file that need to be imported. Once World Editor is open, select Module from the top and click on 'Import Manager'. This will open a new window like the one shown in Screenshot A. Now click on File > Import File. Browse through your folders and first select the .mdx file that you wish to import. Next you need to import the .blp file which are the textures. Once you import the .blp file, you need to change the Full Path to whatever path the model looks for. Most authors will include this information in the Readme file. To change the full path. Double Click on the file, and a window will pop up as shown in Screenshot B. Click on the 'Use Custom Path' check box, and edit the custom path to correspond with the model. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next, you have to bind the new model to an object that you want to use that model. Go back up to Module and select Object Editor to bring up a new window similar to Screenshot C. Select what unit or building you want to replace on the left side list. Now double Click 'Art - Model File' to replace the current model, with a custom one. Another window will appear, with some drop down menus to select which unit you want to replace with the custom model, then click the check box that says Import, and select your custom model. That's it, your custom model has been imported and binded to a specific unit. You may have to restart World editor for the model to show up correctly, if you don't restart the model will still work, but you will get a green/black checkered box in the editor until it is restarted.
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