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How to make a server popular - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source.

Simple "how to" on making your server more popular.

How to make a server popular

Basic things you can do:

  • Give it fast download. I can't stand waiting to get in. If it takes me more than a minute (unless it's a server i know is good), I'm not gonna bother. This one feature, can attract you a lot of people. And you'll get a variety too, not just people from the states, but from out of the country as well.
  • Give it good tags. Tags are all that people will see when they look through the server list. A server with poorly marked, or unmarked tags, is sure to get less attention, then one that has everything said in the tag. Examples of tags : [Clan] , [FastDL] , [Mani] , [ZombieMod] , [100 Tick] , [24/7] , etc. Mention whatever you can about your server. Custom scripts (like Mattie eventscripts), and try and make your server stick out.
  • Give it good maps. Don't just loop the same 3 maps. And unless your going for a 24/7 map server (which you should definitely tag). Try and create a variety of maps, so that no one will get bored. One thing that I can't stress enough, unless your making your server a 24/7 server, don't keep playing the same maps!!! Play different maps, don't just loop. A loop is repetitive, and that's no fun.
  • But, some maps do attract a lot more people than others. For example, with a zombie mod server, you're more likely to attract people with an escape map (almost any ze_escape map, or zm_atix_helicopter) than with a bad map (like a snoopie map, don't mean to be harsh).
  • Get some good admins. There's nothing worse than an abusive admin, or an "admin whore". Having poor admins who spam the chat with admin text, or are abusive towards other players, is a sure fire way of keeping your server empty.
  • Make your server different. Now, I'm not saying you should make the T's and CT's have a tea party. I'm saying, that in order to make your server stand out more, and to increase the number of returning gamers, you've got to make your server stand out. Mix it up, add some mods. Using Mattie's Evenstcripts is very useful here. Trying to separate your server from the rest, is one of the most important things for popularity you can do, but only when done right. Too many addons and scripts, lag your server, diminish the entertainment, and lower the odds of making your server popular.

    Some other things you can do to make it more popular:

    • Get some regulars. Now, this may sound silly to say, since this is what you're trying to do, but you've still got to do it. What you need to do, is try and get a group of fun, nice, amiable gamers, who others feel comfortable or at ease around, and want to play with. Try and make them regulars on your server, and they're sure to attract others to it.
    • Make it a clan server. Making it a clan server will get a lot of people dropping by to tryout or to check you out. It will also assure that you'll have clannies dropping by everyday. Now, making it a clan server generally means that you should have a site with forums and such, but more on that later.
    • Try and attract a more "mature" age group. There's nothing more annoying than an 8 year old on a microphone, spamming the server, or a jerk who keeps teamkilling.
    • Make a website. A website is a handy place to store files and the likes for your server, but it's also great for keeping people informed and in touch with one another, when their not on your server. Be sure to have a forum if you want people to keep checking your site. And don't forget to try and post announcements about your server on the front page. Be sure to advertise your site on your servers adverts!
    • Make your server known. Don't just put up your server and sit back and wait for the flow of players. You've got to try and make your server known to the world. Advertising is a good way to do it. On sites like FPSB (in the appropriate sections, no advertising in posts whatsoever). And don't just spam your servers name and IP. That only annoys people. Try and get some attention once in a while, but keep it moderate.

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