Boss Weak Points

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If you have played HOD2 and managed to kill The Strength, than you shouldn't have problems killing Death. The only changes between The Strength and Death are their looks and weapons. Even their weak point is the same: Death might look big and scary, but taking him out is quite simple. The First Encounter The Security Guard has only one type of attack. He swings his massive club. Each time he gives chase, aim at his head and do no stop shooting until his attack meter is zeroed. You'll know he's about to attack once he nears you and begins cocking back his arm. At that point, you're pretty much gonna have to take the hit and walk it off. Each time you zero the Security Guard's attack meter, you stumbles backwards a moment and pauses, stunned. You have just a few seconds before the camera swings you away from him or he gets up and charges. He's vulnerable in all areas right now and if you fire, you can take of a slight amount of health from him. Not much, but it can help. You'll still be trying to get into the complex as you're being chased, so be prepared for sudden camera swings that put multiple zombies in front of your face. Dispatch them quickly and always be ready to aim up at the tiny little Security head whenever the camera turns to him. Beating the Security Guard the first time around is a piece of cake and shouldn't be too difficult for anyone. The Second Encounter Take care of the Security Guard the same as before. The only thing that makes this battle any tougher is that the Security Guard has a lot more health, and he'll often go past obstructions, making it harder to hit his little head. When running alongside the Guard, shoot only when he's in the open. Reload every time he vanishes behind a piece of wall or other obstruction. Granted, he's only hidden for a second or so, but that's why you've been gifted with such fast reflexes. Once the beast is in an opening again, he'll swing at you if you haven't zeroed out his attack meter. Timing your reloads is very important here, as was just mentioned above. At the end of the level, the Security Guard will chase you through a series of hallways. He's no longer obstructed, so aim for his noggin and blast away. As soon as he stumbles, the camera will whip you around, so it's really tough to get any extra his on him. Just stay on his little noodle and you'll take him down eventually.
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