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First off, this strategy guide should onlybe read by those who are just picking up Protoss. A. 1st things first! PvT is a very intense matchup but also one of the more fun matchups. I've played a lot of PvTs over the years so I can give some advice on how to play it. First off, some BO advice. 1. Try to go to about 7 total probes first and while you're building the eighth probe, build a pylon. I usually build the pylon towards the exit of my base, but I suck at pylon placement so other people can help you there. 2. After the first pylon is done, continue to build probes and build a gateway when you can. 3. Use the gateway building probe to scout the enemy out. 4. When the gateway is halfway done, build an assimilator and stick your probes in the assimilator when it's done. 5. when your gateway is done, get a cybernetics core. 6. When the cybernetics core is done, research dragoon range and get a dragoon. Try to use your first dragoon to take down the enemy's scouting SCV if you can. Getting a second pylon is good right about here. As with any build order, adapt as you see fit. At this point, there is usually 3 paths that people take. 1. DT rush 2. Reaver drop 3. Expo 1. DT Rush This takes advantage of the fact that Terrans don't get detectors like Zerg do. The basic idea is to get the DT into the other guy's base to kill some probes as a distraction. It usually is not a game-ender by itself so don't forget to make probes, expo, etc. The BO has to be modified as you don't research dragoon range and you must hide your templar archives and Citadel so they don't get scouted. Alternatively, you could let the SCV in to scout you and research dragoon range so that the terran sees your lights on the cybernetics core flashing and assumes you're going dragoons. Make sure you cancel this when his SCV goes out or gets killed. 2. Reaver Drop/ Rush This strategy involves no dragoon range and Robotics with a fast support bay. This strategy, if it works, can often be a game-ender. However, you need some good micro. As before, don't let the terran scout out your support bay as then he knows you are going reaver drop. This strategy tends not to work as much in late game since terrans now usually siege 2 tanks or so around their minerals. Note that one tank is easily taken care of by dropping the reaver next to the tank so it can't target you due to minimum range. 3. Expo This strategy is the one used the most often, especially by gosu players. Just keepe expanding, getting more goons and when he starts getting tanks, zealots. Eventually go carriers or arbiters when you have 4ish to 3ish expansions. B.Basic Ideas of PvT. Usually the match turns into a big slugfest with a macro oriented game, see below if the terran tries rushing you. As most people know, a Terran Army in a PvT game consists of Vultures and Tanks while a Protoss Army consists of Zealots and Dragoons. There is this magic square you might want to remember. Zealots beat tanks, Tanks beat dragoons, Dragoons beat, Vultures and Vultures beat tanks. However, there are parts of this you want to think about as well. An unsieged tank costs 150 min 100 gas while a goon costs 125 min and 50 gas, but their attack and attack rate make damage dealt almost the same (tanks do a little more). Thus, goons beat tanks unsieged (resource-wise). Vultures cost 75 minerals but zealots cose 100 minerals. Now Vultures beat Zealots is kinda obviious because a) terrans almost always research mines and speed, which makes Vultures both do 20 damage to zealots, mine the shit outta zealots and micro the shit outta zealots. DOn't send zealots after vultures, it's a death sentence for the poor little blue guys. Zealots beat Tanks by getting close to them and hacking them up. Getting leg speed for zealots is really useful, don't forget them. Also, Goon range is really important too. Don't forget it or your troops will stain the ground blue with their goo. Dragoons beat vultures since the damage vultures do to their HP is pitiful. Besides, Goods have longer range so the vultures can't micro their way outta this one. Also, always try to expo. Remember I said PvT was a macro game? Well, that means you macro and you expand like crazy. Important things to remember when expanding. 1) Get 1-2 cannons near your peon line so they don't get ass-raped by vultures. Please do it, it's painful to watch those probes dying. 2) you can usually stop Vultures from raiding your base by walling the entrance off by pylons. DON'T wall off your main with pylons, your troops will be "WTF, can't get outta this place". Observers are the apple of your eye. Use them (Patrol key is useful for them). Get them early to watch for those stupid little mines. 1 observer and 2-3 goons is a good mine-sweeping team. Arbiters are your best friend. Recalling zealots on tanks is really good, stasising clumps of tanks is also really also forces the terran to go science vessels or else you'll risk running outta comsat sweeps. When facinf a lot of siege tanks, try to spread your troops out to avoid taking huge splash damage. Also, don't target his vultures with your goons and zealots. Go straight for the tanks. Vultures can't do anything by themselves and tanks are way more dangerous/expensive. C:Countering the Terran's Plans: 1. Gundam Rush Many terrans often try to Gundam rush (named after V-Gundam). It consists of 2 factories, one with attached Machine Shop. If you see this, its probably a gundam rush. Gundam rushing is using 1 tank, 2 SCVs, 4 marines and 2 vultures with mines and speed alon with siege tank mode to set up an early contain. The best way to counter this is to go 2 gateways and counterdrop his base. You can also try killing the tank or the SCVs as they are vital parts of his strategy. 2. Vulture Bitching This is a terran player who harasses like crazy. You can tell this strategy from the others when 12 vultures start popping up everywhere. Watch out for mines and keep a goon at your chokepoints. Building 1-2 cannons at your expos is good too. Get an observer and periodically sweep the map of mines. Don't let him rape your probes and you'll be fine. 3. Slow Push If a terran doesn't seem to be doing anything, grab an observer and check his base. He might be going BC or something else. If you see 6-12 factories though, he's going big push. This involves what is often called the terran ball, which is this massive clump of tanks and vultures with some goliaths thrown in. He's going to try to set up his tanks and contain you at various places, especially the center of the map. Arbiter with stasis and recall, and an equal amount of zealots and dragoons in your army can handle this. Also useful sometimes is HT with storm and Corsair with D-web. Those two are useful against terran players who grab all their tanks and press O. Storm their tanks off the map, and/or D-web them and send in the goons. a) Shuttles are good as they can pick up your HT so they don't get Vult-screwed. You can also fill them with zealots to act as zealot bombs (drop them into his tanks and let his mines kill his tanks). If the guy your facing is real good and you can't break his contain with the steps above, try reaver-dropping his base. This strategy killed me like 5 times when I started off before I realized how to fight it so don't give up if you get destroyed by it a few times. P.S. Dark Templars are great for destroying tanks, especially in big battles where the sound of their cuts and the damage they do to the tanks in the back are mostly ignored. I might post so PvT Pro replays if I figure out how to (new to this site). P.P.S. Might write a second part.
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