COH Multiplayer Guide

A Tutorial for Company of Heroes

A semi-short guide on leading your faction to almost certain victory.

COH Multiplayer Guide:
This guide will take you through all the necessary steps toward victory in a Multiplayer Company of Heroes game, easily and quickly. BOTH TEAMS: No matter what team you pay this step is recommended. AXIS: Panzer Elite or Wehrmacht ALLIES: British or American Starting out: Pump out 2-3 more Engineers (Pioneers) from your HQ, while at the same time send your engineer to the farthest point you'd like your territory to reach. Capture it quickly and establish a supply route to this point by capturing a line of territories back to your base or your allies base. When all engineers are finished being built, send them out to build command posts on all important supply points that you have captured. Defense: After establishing an array of good supply points send one group of engineers back to base and make a Supply Yard (Kampfcraft Center if you're AXIS), and keep the remaining engineers out in the field. Spread them out evenly and prepare to put up defenses. at this time it'd be smart to use 1 Group of engineers to find a good strong building in a secure location and make a forward base, it come in handy, trust me. use the remaining engineers to set up defenses (primarily MG emplacements REMEMBER to upgrade the AXIS mg emplacements with the MG42) at any chokepoints. This being Bridges, thin city streets or any other point where the enemy is bound to come through. Cover all other entrances into your base with barbed wire and if possible, tank traps, to force your foe into the death trap you have set up. While this is going on, take your engineer team back at the base and make a Weapons support Center (Wehrmacht HQ). It'd be a smart idea to make at least one MG emplacement along with an MG team in a nearby building or covered position with a mortar team further back providing small artillery support. This way, any troops early in the game will get pinned by the MG's and the mortar will drop shells right on top of them. Defense 2: By now you should have at least decent defenses, check up on your allies to see if they're doing as good of a job as you are. This being said, it's assumed by now that you should be secure for at least another 5-10 minutes, supplying you with time to do the following: If necessary blow any and all bridges leading to your territories. Don't worry, they can be rebuilt. Do so by using explosives (Activated by the Option at the Allied HQ) or the goliaths made by AXIS bunkers. It'd be smart to cover these blown bridges with an MG, sniper, or Mortar team. Wartime Construction: Use this remaining time to upgrade some troops if its affordable, AND / or build a Barracks (Wehrmacht Infantry building). At this time your forward base should be up and running and able to make troops (this saves tons of time in troop transportation, especially in tight situations). Squeeze out a squad of riflemen or two and send them to the front lines (behind the MG's) for support in the event of an early attack. Check constantly if the enemy is rebuilding bridges, and keep keep your eye on the chokepoints.Also check on your allies and see if they're doing alright. You all sahre the same resource, so they shouldn't be too far ahead / behind. Speed is the key. Speed and efficiency, throughout the first few minutes of the game keep checking to upgrade your troops as much as possible. Skirmishes: After a few minutes you should have a decent amount of resources unless you've been spending it on upgrading troops (like Axis Crack,Veteran, stuff like that). By this time you may have realized that you're screwed if a tank barges through your lines. Allies are usually the first team to get the tanks pumpin' out, because it's simply easier (but they do have crappier tanks than the AXIS). Mines are useless and a waste of ammo, so i recommend you put your resources towards AT guns or supplying your troops (if you're Axis) with Panzershreks. Please remember in order to to this on the Axis you must upgrade to at least Assault Phase (At the AXIS HQ). Place at least one AT gun at your major chokepoints. Depending on your Doctrine it'd be smart to deploy any offensive / defense weapons at this time in goos spots. Such as Flak 88's overlooking chokepoints and bridges, or the Allied Howitzer far away from the front lines, but close enough to reach most, if not the entire map. War: Many minutes into the game (which might mostly be a standoff) it'd be a good time to get the troops rolling. - AXIS: Spam Grenadiers (NEVER MAKE VOLKSGRENADIERS, THEY SUCK), and supply all but one with panzershreks, supply the last one with a MG42 Light Machine Gun. -Allies: Make a decent amount of infantry and save some population for at least 2-3 Tanks. Create tanks using the Tank Depot, remember to upgrade your tank guns with the supply yard to the 76mm Cannon, and the M2HB Machine Gun. Following these instructions can very well lead you to victory, the rest is up to you. I cannot teach you how to fight your battles, stick with your instincts, don't do anything stupid, and certainly don't rush any fortified positions. Remember to tab up your groups of infantry and tanks to mange them better to handle more than one target at a time and have an easier time flanking the enemy. Manage your resources wisely, don't waste all of your ammo on 3 consecutive artillery strikes or something. Good luck out there soldier. -Silent Ricochet
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  • alexmihai95 avatar
    alexmihai95 Joined 10y ago
    Very good explained tutorial. one problem though, you can't build a supply yard for allies without a barracks or weapons support center first. other wise this is a good way to win in multyplayer
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  • Nostalgic avatar
    Nostalgic Joined 10y ago
    Hey I know this was written a long time ago. But I just started playing and this tutorial is really well written and now I can actually have a fair chance in matches. It was hard to get into but now I totally understand the game! Thanks!
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    CammieDee666 Joined 11y ago
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    Pros: Very Nice Useful Improvements: Could use more pictures


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    Getting bored with FPSB
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