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Colorblind Fix

A Tutorial for Battlefield 2142

A fix for the colorblind

Hello all. I recently did a little research in order to help a friend who was having trouble telling the difference between teams due to color blindness. I know that this is a huge problem for many gamers regardless of what game you play. In 2142 I know a lot of color blind people have an issue with the flags at the control points. I came up with this and it appeared to help him so I thought I would try to share it with the gaming community at large. Please feel free to distribute this information freely across any other forums to spread the word and maybe help some folks get there game on. (uses a Team Fortress 2 pic but can be replaced with an image specific to the game you play) warning: Display must have DDC-CI support info: Install this program. Pull up this picture which is of a blue scout chasing a red pyro. Tweek the image with display tuner until you can get a strong distinction. You should then be able to save this color setting and use a hot key to enable it when you play tf2 or any other game and then turn it off after your done. Example alt f1 =on/off


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    Detail: Pretty detailed, but I'd take relevant info from the Wiki page you linked to and insert it here. Readability: Use some HTML coding to hyperlink those URLs, as they look ugly and kind of make the whole thing harder to read. Usefulness: This is a really thoughtful thing you did here, as I know some colorblind people who I'm sure would appreciate this greatly.


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    Very cool, very useful.
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    This looks very handy for colourblind people. I'm all for supporting colourblindness in game, as the Audiosurf team did. The majority of the game developers don't give two pyros about it.


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    It seems really useful, and thoughtful. But at the same time, why can they not just use their display adapters control panel to tweak color/gamma settings? But...then there's also those damn crappy intergrated chipsets that lack any sort of CP at all, so I guess.... Good Job.



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