How to "bind" keys in CSS

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

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OK, i am making this tutorial because i want to help my friends on the Zombie Mod servers, but as you will see there are more than one way to use this tip. If you dont know what it means to "bind" a key, the idea is to have steam do all the work for you. For example, in a ZM server you might find yourself trying to type "!ztele" at light speed, and dieing because you hit a wrong key. This is the fix for that.
The first thing you need to do is enable the console in CSS itself. To do this, go to options, advanced and check enable console. Say ok or save or whatever, and go back to the CSS mainscreen. Now, above the tab key you will find a key with ~ on it. This key is you new best friend. Press it and a new screen will open. It is most likely full of lines of text, just ignore them. At the bottom there is a little place to type. In there type (or paste) this: bind v "say_team !ztele" This will tell steam to use "team chat" to say "!ztele" whenever you press the "v" key. Replace the "v" with what ever key is easyest for you to hit, but remember that you will be useing it a lot, and will need to be able to hit it quickly. Also, some keys are already in use, so dont forget about that and replace your buy key or something.
Now, as i said before, there are different ways to use this. A good example of how else to use this is to type bind k "buy p90; buy deagle". Now when you hit the "k" key steam will auto-buy for you. Cool? Keep in mind that some guns are not avalible to both T and CT. If you are CT you cant use "buy defender; buy five-seven" for the above reason. Guns like the P90, both shotguns, and the AWP are used by both sides, so you can bind them and use the key on both sides. Or just bind a key for CT and another for T. I hope you found this Tutorial helpful, please comment and tell me what you think.


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    how how do i bind if i wana say like "hello" at the starta of every round?
  • 8y
    Tero^ avatar
    Tero^ Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Does this work with CS 1.6 i tried and i wrote it bind "F9" "buy awp; buy deagle" and it popped buy menu up how to fix?
  • 9y
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    Darkside* Offline
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    You can just set up the weapons to buy in your autobuy.txt instead of doing even more work in the console... then you just press f1 and it buys everything


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