Scope Overlay (remixed & updated!)

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

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I don't know how to get rid of the default crosshair lines (screenshot 6), if anyone knows then please PM me or post it in here and I will update the tutorial. Welcome to my remixed and updated tutorial on how to make a scope for CS:S! Before you start this, make sure you have the following: - Photoshop 7.0 or higher (I have CS2) - VTF Edit or the Photoshop plugin - An understanding on how to use Photoshop effectively
  • Open Photoshop from the desktop or Start > All Programs.
  • Go to File > New and put in these dimensions: 1280 width, 1024 height, and something around 400 DPI.
  • Use the fill tool and color the first layer black.
  • Right click on the square selection tool, go down and click on the elliptical selection tool and hold shift while dragging it to the desired size for a perfect circle (screenshot 1). For this I used the ruler lines to get it on the exact center - left click on the ruler (top or bottom) and drag into the middle, it should snap into the exact center. Screenshot 1: Free Image Hosting at
  • Fill in the selection we just made with the color of your choice, I chose white for a clear contrast of the two colors for when we add the alpha channel later.
  • Now you have the scope "outline" and you can go into adding your own details to it to make it whatever you want (screenshot 2). Screenshot 2: Free Image Hosting at
  • Once you are done with the details, then above your Layers tab there should be a Channels tab - click on it and you will see 4 premade channels; RGB, Red, Green, Blue. At the bottom, create a new channel and it will be called Alpha 1 (screenshot 3). Be sure to have RGB, Red, Green, and Blue all highlighted then click on the visibility box beside the Alpha layer and a red overlay should appear. Now you can click on just the Alpha layer to edit it (screenshot 4). Screenshot 3: Free Image Hosting at Screenshot 4: Free Image Hosting at
  • Erase the red from the Alpha channel by using the eraser tool. Set the two palette colors back to black and white (press D), now color in the areas that you want to be transparent using the brush - this will show up as red when using the brush (screenshot 5), but make sure you are working on the ACTIVE Alpha channel. Color all the areas red that you want to be TRANSPARENT. You may need to switch back and forth from your Alpha channel and your normal layers... so remember, every time you go back to normal layers, the Alpha layer is deactivated. Screenshot 5: Free Image Hosting at A side note: - 100% opacity on the red in Alpha means 100% transparent. You can change this to make your own custom scope for a fading effect and whatnot.
  • When you are all finished, go to Image > Image Size and change the dimensions to 1024x1024 (Warning: this will appear normal in any non-widescreen size of CS:S but will stretch in widescreen. Mess around with sizes to fix it if you are using widescreen!)
  • Save the file in Photoshop as a .TGA (I use 32 bits per pixel) to keep the Alpha channel with the image and to keep as much detail as possible. Open VTF Edit and import your image (keep all the default settings!). Save it as scope_lens.vtf in: C:\program files\steam\steamapps\yourusername\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\overlays
  • Start CSS and enjoy (screenshot 6). Screenshot 6: Free Image Hosting at If you liked this tutorial, please subscribe to me or favorite this! If you have any questions or comments, please PM me!


  • 7y
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    Posted by Dagon

    Everything is perfect just one thing i don't understand...
    When i play with my scope In Game i got some white lines around my scope.

    Here is a screen :

    Hope you can help me =/

    that's because the scope was made for anothe resolution than your screen.
  • 8y
    Dagon avatar
    Dagon Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Everything is perfect just one thing i don't understand...
    When i play with my scope In Game i got some white lines around my scope.

    Here is a screen :

    Hope you can help me =/
    ٭ ὼŦЋ &
  • 9y
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    866 points Ranked 5376th
    How can i get rid of the crosshairs? I am trying to make a red dot sight, basically.
    Ageless I remain... avatar
    Ageless I remain...
  • 9y
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    Hey, i got a problem. i made a awsome overlay, but when i load it in CSS the default scope lines appear on it. how do i get rid of those?
    aka [-B-] avatar
    aka [-B-]
  • 9y
    |!L0N3 W0LF!| avatar
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    734 points Ranked 6199th
    A bit of help here please. iv followed the instructions correctly but when it comes to saving the file, MY Photoshop CS2 will not allow me to save it as a .TGA file. any help here would be appreciated. don't worrie i figured it out.
    Noobie All Rounder avatar
    Noobie All Rounder
  • 10y
    indazone avatar
    indazone Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    To get Image Size, you have to go on Image not Edit i think ;)


    Meh'D by meh
  • 10y
    Outbreak avatar
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    Member Joined 10y
    Pros: Very informative, helped me make a scope!
    Cons: None
    Improvements: Might want to organize it a bit more, but other than that it's good.
    Notes: Make moar tuts!


    Resistance is futile.
  • 10y
    oxo24 avatar
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    Hmm, would 1280x1024 make a widescreen scope aswell, or would i need to use 1440 x 900?

    good tut though, a little more HTML wouldnt go a miss though

    EDIT: it should be 1280 width, and 1024 height, not the other way round.
    "Ideas are bulletproof"


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