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Installing Skins - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source.

This tutorial explains how to install skins, not just explaining which folder it goes to.
Note: When you reach your custom folder, you might have to create some folders you don't see. **For Weapon Skins** I am going to show you how to install the Gangsta Glock which can be found here
  1. First off download the skin
  2. Notice the file has a ".rar" extension. Winzip does not support rar files. You must download WinRAR or 7-Zip in order to access rar files which can be obtained here (WinRAR) or here (7-Zip).
  3. Once WinRAR/7-Zip is installed, open up the file.
  4. Now you will see something like Screenshot A
  5. Now let's review the folders.
  6. materials: this contains the textures for the weapon. Without it, you will have a pink and black looking gun.
    • models: models for skins
    • weapons: skins for weapons
    • v_models: skins for weapons in first person view (view models)
    • w_models: (this may not appear all the time) Skins for the weapons in world view (world models)
  7. models: this contains the model for a weapon. Without it, your skin would not work.
    • weapons: folder that contains models for weapons
  8. scripts: this tells what the sound of each event (reload, draw) is.
    • game_sounds_manifest.txt: Contains the names of all the sound scripts that'll be preloaded when you start the game.
    • weapons: sound scripts for weapons
  9. sounds: this contains the sounds for the weapon
    • weapons: sounds for weapons
    • [weapon name]: sounds for this particular weapon
**NOTE**: It is normal for some folders to not appear in other skins that you download. (E.g. when you open up a different skin you see only materials and models) The following procedure (STEPS 6-14) works for any skin that opens up displaying any combination of these folders: materials models scripts sound.
That means you can use this procedure for any skin you download as long as it was submitted correctly.
  • Go to Start>Run (On Vista and up it is Windows Key + R)
  • Enter C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps and click OK. If you want to skip the next three steps, try putting %sourcesdk%..\..\..\common\counter-strike source\cstrike\custom instead.
  • Select the common
  • Select the counter-strike source folder
  • Select the cstrike folder
  • Select the custom folder
  • Now go back to WinRAR/7-zip
  • If you have a '.vpk' file, put it in the custom folder, otherwise
  • Create a new folder, name it something intuitive like 'my_custom_skins'
  • Select all of the **folders**
  • Now drag and drop the folders into the new folder (make sure the pointer is on the white part of the new window when you release the mouse.
  • Now your skin is installed! Go play counter-strike source and enjoy!
  • **For Player Skins**
    1. Download a T/CT skin
    2. Open with WinRAR
    3. You should see some vtf files
    4. Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\custom\my_custom_skins\materials\models\player\
    5. Create the folders if they don't exist, as well as these folders: ct_gign ct_gsg9 ct_sas ct_urban t_arctic t_guerilla t_leet & t_phoenix
    6. If the files in the rar file start with ct\_urban, drag and drop all the files into the folder "ct_urban". If the files start with t_phoenix, drag and drop all the files into the folder t_phoenix. The same concept applies to the other Terrorist & Counter-Terrorist skins.
    1. If you end up with a scope\_lens.vtf when you download a scope, extract it to ...\counter-strike source\cstrike\custom\my_custom_skins\materials\overlays\
    2. If you just have a materials folder, drag and drop the materials folder onto the my_custom_skins. (\counter-strike source\cstrike\custom)
    3. The material file is located in root\materials\overlays\scope_lens.vtf
    1. If you end up with a rar file that only shows the title of the release when you open it, double click that folder and you should select the materials (and models if applicable) folders and drag them to the background of the my_custom_skins folder (aka 'root'). Yes, you do overwrite all.
    2. The shells are stored in root\materials\models\shells\. Let's review the folders within shells. a. 12gauge - for shotguns b. 338mag - for awp c. 556 - for rifles mostly (some include m4a1, m249, galil) d. 57 - for fiveseven and p90 e. 762nato - for rifle ak47 (maybe others) f. 9mm - for glock18, tmp, mp5navy (maybe others)
    3. There is also a special folder for the deagle shell. It is stored in materials\models\v_models\pist_deagle\ and is called bullet.vtf.
    1. The hands/gloves texture is root\materials\models\weapons\v_models\hands\v_hands.vtf
    1. The flashlight file is located in ...\root\materials\effects\ and is called flashlight001.vtf.
    **Muzzle Flash**
    1. The muzzle flash file is located in ...\root\materials\effects\ and is called muzzleflashx.vtf.
    **Technical Support**
    Q : My skin turned out to be pink and black checkered in the game and I know I installed it right! WTF??????
    A : In most cases someone didn't submit the file right. I know in some skins (like the black m134 Vulcan mini gun ) you get pink and black textures. Fortunately, there is way to fix it!
    1) Go to root\materials
    2) Right click the folder weapons and click cut. (Control+X)
    3) Now go to root\materials\models\
    4) Right click the background of this folder and click paste (Control+V) and select yes to all.
    5) Now your skin is fixed
    In other cases the folder that you have to move will be somewhere else. The easiest way to find out is to open the zip/rar file for the skin, and then explore into the materials folder to see what folders were placed wrong. Q : All I see is a cstrike folder when I open up the skin file!
    A : Open it, if it's filled with materials or models, rename it to my_custom_skins and place it in the custom folder, if it has a custom folder, just drop it in your counter-strike source folder. Q : I did everything you said and it still doesn't work! If you're just going to message that you better include what skin you were trying to install. I will determine if it is your problem or the compiler's problem. Q : What if it is the compiler's problem?
    A : Ask someone in the comments or the forums on how to fix it. Q : What if it is not easy enough to fix?
    A : PM the submitter to fix it. Q : What if the submitter is a guest?
    A : Then just do the work yourself; go read Devieus' compiling/decompiling tutorials. Please, don't keep posting, "I did everything and it still doesn't work!!" without even giving a link to the CS:S skin you were trying to install. Tutorial by xz64
    Tutorial fixed by BigDog, then by Devieus
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      2 hostage changed there skins but the other side the 2 more hostage didn't change skin into anime, but 4 of them speak the anime sounds fix please help me

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      how can I add the feature if you drop a weapon with a skin when its dropped,hold by other players it still shows your skins?

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    • just one question, any video helps us to do all this -_-
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      Can someone help me download a skin i only get .mdl files please help!
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    • i actually try it in css non steam. and i try to read the following methods to install the player skin. but the character turn to pink and black, i already read FAQ, there is a way, but the problem is there was no custom folder or root folder in cstrike at my Counter Strike Source (Non-Steam) folder. i know it was illegal. but to buy the games, i dont have money, honestly im poor man. i just want too have fun with playing games. sorry.
      can anyone help me?
      p.s i hope there is no commend will say "buy the games on steam"
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      can someone help on how to download skins onto a mac book pro???? plz i need help :<

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    • I kinda got poblem, i cant find the custom folder in my Cs:s folder.
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      Im used to put folers with archive names

      \Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\custom\m3_super90-1syco666

      If Server enforcing simple material, start map from the console with command sv_consistency 0.

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      > **Posted by Ganryu** > > > **Posted by HyperBeastX1** > > > > But how does one installs .vpk weapon skins?!? > > It's stated directly in the tutorial, dude. To quote the line directly: > > - If you have a '.vpk' file, put it in the custom folder I figured it out way before you said this but thanks anyway.
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