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A Tutorial for Command & Conquer: Generals

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Welcome back General. This tut will teach you how to basically overrun your enemy before he even gets a chance to fire a super weapon at you. China's tanks are powerful but yet cheap and efficient so im using china as an example.
China *Nuclear reactor - Provides power for China. Can overload to provide more power *Barracks - Builds infantry *Supply center - Deploys a supply truck to collect supplies. Provides build options for supply truck *Bunker - Defenseless on it's own. Can be garrisoned for defense *Gatling canon - Fires bullets at enemy. Effective against infantry *War Factory - Provides builds options for tanks and vehicles *Internet Center - Helps hackers to bring in money. Can be upgraded to spy one enemies. *Airfield - Builds aircraft. *Propaganda Center - Builds important Chinese technologies. *Speaker tower - Heals your forces and increases firing speed. *Nuclear missile - Prepares and launch a nuclear missile. Builds imporatant Chinese upgrades. *Command Center - Commands special weapons. Creates dozers.
Now General,
Basically, Just build up some power plants, [2] supply centers, a barracks and [2] war factory. Remember that. Its really important that you space your buildings in case of weapon strikes. Now first build 5 tanks in the first war factory and 3 gatling tanks in another war factory. Go to the enemy's base and try to take out his defenses while building another wave of tanks and slowly building other advanced structure and upgrades at the same time. By the time you have send the third wave of tanks, you should have some general experience points. Spend them wisely on stuff like artillery barrage and carpet bomb....etc. In case the attack did not work and the enemy build 2 bunkers with missile infantry and a Gatling cannon in the middle at the side each of the entrance to your base. That should them busy.Now lets assume that you have build your nuclear missile silo. Launch the missile at an area where you can find the most power plants at your opponent's base. BOOM. Power down and the base is left defenseless. You can finish him off now.
Tune in next time for Command School.


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