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Download and Installing Sprays

A Tutorial for Team Fortress 2

1. First of all, download a spraypack in .rar format here at Extract it with WinRAR (see screenshot) and go into it. It should contain a vtf file and a vmt file.

2. If it contains a folder called materials or VGUI, Copy materials or VGUI and replace it instead of materials or VGUI in the tf folder. Windows will ask you to replace files, click "Replace all", go to point 6.

3. Otherwise, go to program\steam\steamapps\common\team fortress 2\tf\materials and create a new folder. Name it VGUI and go into it. In the VGUI folder, create a new folder called logos if one doesn't already exist.

4. Copy the vtf and vmt files and paste them into the logos folder.

5. Copy only the vmt file and paste it in the UI folder.

6. Launch Team Fortress 2 and click Options. Go to Multiplayer and chose the spray from the list (see screenshot). If it's not in the list, then something is wrong.

7. Join a server and spray on a wall (by pressing T), it will work if you've done everything correct!


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  • 11mo
     NOTE: this may not work for all of you and I'm in a rush sorry for not that good of a  description. OK, so this is what I did:

    1. Download spray

    2. Once it's finished, move the spray into OS (C:)

    3. Open the game you want to put it in

    4.  Go to the settings on the game's home screen

    5. Go into the section labeled: Multiplayer

    6. Find the spray icon

    7. This will take you to your game(s) file area

    8.  Go down into the search bar

    9. Click on the arrow

    10. Options of the previous files the computer went into will appear to get to this file

    11. Go to the (C:) one

    12. Browse for your file

    13. Find your file 

    14. Double click it

    15. This will take you to the multiplayer display again

    16. If the spray is in the spray icon, press apply

    17. Have fun

  • 1y
    it wont do shit, BLOODY HELL MAN
  • 1y
    easier than it sounds.
  • 1y
    daw23 avatar
    daw23 Joined 1y ago
    sounds way too compilcated

    so im gonna give up on this

    all I wanted was download and upload it to the game thats it not  mess around with game files and other stuff i have no idea what might crash my computer or what

  • 2y
    I don't get step 5 :/
  • 2y
    I cant download WinRAR can u make like a .jpg or .vtf or something bc I don't want to do WinRAR shit again
  • 2y
    Thanks for help! :)
  • 2y
    the spray i want only has a .vtf download 
  • 2y
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    Posted by swich

    this is too confusing for me,I seriously don't get the instructions.

    Could you pinpoint the exact step you're not getting?
    Sentinel of the TV remote avatar
    Sentinel of the TV remote
  • 2y
    this is too confusing for me,I seriously don't get the instructions.

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