Q4 - Making Teleporters

A Tutorial for Quake 4

*I translated this tutorial into English from German using an online translator, and then I made some minor adjustments regarding the translated English, so it might not be that constructive, but I'm sure it will be of at least a little help to you. In Quake 4 there are the portals, which let teleportation happen, bringing along with you your weapons and ammunition, and not just your body. Jump pads work, but they aren't the same. Here, you will be taught how to build and create a simple portal in Quake 4 mapping. First, we insert the portal Model into the map. The Model can be found under - > models - > mapobjects - > more multiplayer - > teleporter.lwo Into the centre of the portal comes portal-EFF-hit,which hits a corner. In addition you are provided with func_fx The Entity must have the following keys and VALUES:
(keys|VALUE) fx|effects/mp/portal.fx start_on|1 loop|1
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Into the portal comes a Brush, which into the trigger_multiple is converted. The Entity must have the following keys and VALUES:
anyTouch|1 more projectile_trigger|1
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket To the destination comes info_player_teleport. The adjustment of the arrow indicates, looks like the direction of the Player towards the teleportation. Now press escape (Esc) and adjust everything to diesel-electric . Now trigger trigger_multiple mark and then info_player_teleport . Now press Shift + K and the Entities are connected. The portal should be functional, with a split area, two portals can be inserted in such a way: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket *I hope my translation was helpful.



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