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Making Custom Night Vision

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

How to make custom night Vision +Requires Photoshop or Some other graphic editing program. +Requires CTF edit or a VTF plug-in +Requires GCFScape Step one Open up GCFScape and extract the following counter strike source shared Find the following directory cstrike\materials\effects\ extract nightvision.vmt to a folder that is easy to find Step Two Editing the valve material file: Open up the file in word pad and place the following into you’re the document see picture 2 <div>"Refract" { "Refract_DX60" { "$fallbackmaterial" "effects\nightvision" } "$REFRACTTINTtexture" "effects\nightvision" </div> Save As once you have placed the correct informatio Note: You may edit the texture name if you wish how ever I prefer to just simple use night vision Creating You Own Custom Night Vision To create my own custom night vision I used Photoshop CS2 but there are a wide verity of programs you can use. You need to have the VTF plugin installed to Photoshop to be able to make this work easily. IF you do not have this plug in you can download it hear installation documentation hear Step One Hold down Alt+Ctrl+Shit and Open up Photoshop and create a new document Under File/new If u get a message prompting you to reset setting or discard old setting please do so Step Two Place the following presets to you new image to maximize quality - Set your width and height to 1024 pixels and you resolution to 72 - Make sure your color is on 8 bit mod and you background is transparent -----------------------Use picture 3 has reference ---------------------- Step Three Pic a color and paint the back ground in so that you can no-longer see the transparent background Step Four Now set the opacity and or transparency for you layer this can be done many ways but to keep it simple I’m just going to use the opacity rang on the site as show in pic You can add layers and a design like show in my first picture but this is only a basic tutorial and I will not complicate things so beginners. Just make sure u merge down all layers b4 this next step Step Five Once you have completed you new night vision you will need to save it. To do so you must follow these simple steps a.) load selection- to do this go select/load selection b.) Save selection to do this go select save selection (please do not name anything just hit ok) c.) Make sure the new alpha channel is deselected Step Si Go to file Save As and select VTF format and place the save name has the name value from part one so for me it should be this nightvision because I had effects\nightvision in part one of this tutorial Now a box will open up with vtf settings make sure you have the same box’s checked off has me in this pic Click to enlarge Step Seven Place the vmt and the vtf (the files we edited) into the following directory \Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<you name or email>\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\effects Have a look at your final product hear



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