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A Tutorial for Quake 4

What makes Quake 4 so special is its wide variety of strange weapons. There are singleplayer and multiplayer modes in Quake 4, and in each mode, the weapons are the same. However, in singleplayer, your weapons can be upgraded and modified to be better. The annoying thing is that only the machine gun has a flashlight attached to it, so when you need to use the flashlight, you must switch to the machine gun first.

BlasterThis gun is the first gun you will come across in the game. Though it certainly is a weak weapon compared to anything else, it will take down your basic strogg. This gun has no automatic firing, but you can fire like hell, just as well. The rate of fire in this weapon is brilliant, as you can fire off shots non-stop with no delay time whatsoever and you don’t even require any ammunition. This gun is a great alternative is you wish to preserve ammunition.

The blaster has a secondary-fire, which is to hold down the alternative-fire key, which charges up, then when releasing the key, the blaster let’s out a blast of energy. In my own opinion, this is not worth the time taking. It would be much easier and better just to squeeze off a bunch of shots from the blaster.

Machine GunThe machine gun is another one of the first guns you will come across, however, due to the flashlight attached to it, and the ammunition you will come across, you will be using this weapon the most in the entire portion of the singleplayer mode of Quake 4. There's not much to say about it, really – just hold one the fire key, and watch it work its magic as a volley bullets come out, and if you’re an accurate aimer, the bullets will hit your target and deal a decent amount of damage. You also don't have to reload very often, allowing you to keep up fire in a fight for a long time. Although these don't sound like particularly impressive benefits, the machine gun is powerful enough and accurate enough to be a stand-by weapon for most of the game.

The machinegun upgrade that you eventually obtain will double the clip size of the weapon, giving you more love to share before you have to reload.

ShotgunThe shotgun is similar in nature to the shotguns found in most other games, and if you've played Doom III, then it should feel especially familiar. There's nothing special about the shotgun. You aim, shoot, and a bunch of pellets come out. This is a close-range weapon, so the closer you are, the more damage you will deal. The further you are away from your target, the smaller the damage.

When you get your shotgun upgrade, you will have a total of ten shells, and the reload time is a lot shorter.

Grenade LauncherSometimes this gun is very unpredictable, and it is easy for you to wind up hurting, or killing, for that matter, yourself or your teammates, so you are reminded to watch out and be careful. When you fire a grenade, you'll chuck a grenade high into the air which will come down in an arc. These are tough to aim and control, and once you get used to them, it should be a little easier for you to land the grenades where you want them to.

HyperblasterThe hyperblaster is a gun that fire blue bolts of energy, which do a pretty good amount of damage. The good thing about this gun is that it has a large ammunition clip size; the drawback is that the bolts travel really slow when you're attempting to hit something at long range, making it easy for your targets to dodge. This is more of a problem in multiplayer than in singleplayer, of course. Another drawback is that this effective weapon would do so much better with a flashlight attached to it, as this is one of my favourite gun, which I use the most, and it’s just annoying when I need to use the flashlight in dimly lit areas, while using this gun.

Anyway, in multiplayer, this gun is best used as a defencive weapon – as opponents chase you down hallways (the narrower, the better), you can turn around, and fire at them with your hyperblaster. Your opponent will most likely give up and search for kills elsewhere rather than take a ton of damage, hunting a half-eaten fish.

NailgunThe nailgun fires shards of metal at its target. It does a little more damage than the machine gun. In the singleplayer game, you'll eventually be able to upgrade your nailgun to make it reload faster, to allow its projectiles to travel faster, and a larger clip size. The last modification allows you to scope in on your enemies and lock down the target, allowing your projectiles to home-in on them. This gun is a pretty good weapon after its last modification.
Rocket Launcher We don’t really have to say much about the Rocket Launcher. If you’ve played a lot of FPS games, you’ll know what a Rocket Launcher is good. It shoots a rocket. Rocket does a lot of damage. Damage is good. :P Seriously, though, rockets are an excellent method to deal a lot of damage in little time, especially in multi-player, where you can deal a lot of splash damage. When using a rocket launcher in multi-player, shoot at your opponent’s feet unless you’re sure you’ll succeed in hitting them dead-on in the chest, because you’ll have a high chance of missing, and missing is bad, but if you aim at their feet, even if they dodge quickly, you’ll deal a fair amount of splash damage, provided you have good reflexes and can anticipate your opponent's movements. Also note that you can perform the antiquated manoeuvre known as a rocket jump if you practice a bit. Old Quake veterans will be right at home here, but for people who've never played one of these games before, here is how it goes: take a rocket launcher, point it at the ground underneath your feet, then press fire and jump at the same time. If all goes well, you should propel yourself well off the ground, enough to reach platforms high above your head. This isn't of much use in single-player, but in multi-player, you can use it as a way to access upper levels of a map without having to find a jump platform. Of course, it'll take a good amount of your life and armour away when you do it, though. Rail-Gun Ah, the rail-gun. This weapon is a reincarnation of the rail-gun before in the previous Quake series which made its first appearance in Quake 2. However, this gun, in my opinion, is nowhere near as powerful as it was in Quake 3. :O The rail-gun is a hit-scan gun, which makes it an excellent weapon. Hit-scan meaning that there is no time between the moment you trigger fire and the moment your fire hits the opponent, making the gunshot instantaneous. The single-player version of the rail-gun will eventually be modified to let you punch through enemies, which will allow you to hit multiple enemies with one shot. Decent, but you'll still probably use it more in multi-player than in single-player, assuming you can aim well. Lightning Gun This weapon, along with the nail-gun, is one that first appeared in Quake 1, making it one of the “common weapons”. The lightning gun is simple, if you trigger fire, it shoots out a constant beam of electricity. Holding down fire can drain your ammunition greatly, thus making it difficult for you to use this weapon a long time in multi-player mode unless you’ve been picking up every single ammunition box you can spot, but the damage dealt by the lightning gun will usually make it worth using, especially when you have quad damage or know that your target is weakened and can be finished off by just a little more damage. The range for this weapon to hit is not considered great, but it is definitely longer than what we’ve seen in Quake 3. In the single-player game, the lightning gun will be modified to allow it perform “chain damage”, meaning to arc from your primary target to other nearby foes, which is helpful when dealing with multiple low-level enemies. Dark Matter Gun Most games have their “BFG”s, and they were known by most players in multi-player to be ineffective and in single-player to be the most powerful gun in the game. Quake 4's incarnation of the BFG is not what everyone thought it would be, and is acknowledged by most single-player mode players to not always be handy among average creatures, but handy against bosses and bigger foes. When fired, the dark matter gun will send out a bolt of dark and purple substance, which will damage and hurt anything that passes by or through it, and it also emits a little gravitational energy, sucking some monsters within it for a short amount of time. When it hits an obstacle, it'll explode, dealing heavy damage to anything nearby. This gun is awesome in single-player mode, where most of the enemies will charge straight for you and make little effort to dodge the blast. In multiplayer, though, where you'll only get one round for the weapon when you pick it up, it's really difficult to use this gun properly, as most players will know how to dodge the gun and how it normally works, and is mostly considered ineffective in multiplayer mode. Attempting to hit it as opponents that are above or beneath you will be futile, as there is almost a one hundred per cent chance that they can successfully dodge the bolt. The best time to use this gun in multi-player would be in a tight and narrow corridor, but even then, the bolt’s slow-moving figure can give players plenty of time to duck and dodge. Hey, everyone, thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope this helped.
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  • It says part 1 so he is making a part 2 with the other guns this is great btw
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    U shouldve talked about the other guns too this is unfinsiehd u know
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  • Wow very nice but maybe you could change the format a little
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    Dont know the game but you put lot effort in the tut i can see :PP so 10/10


    real life! ♥
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    Pros: Nice, even though I don't play this game that much from the screen shot it looks cool. Nice use of html Ziah. :D Cons: None Improvements: Try adding tables like in my amx tutorial. Notes: Good job!


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    I have an error in the HTML coding. It's being dealt with. EDIT: I have fixed it.
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