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HL2 - Dealing With The Combine

A Tutorial for Half-Life 2

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You guys knew this was going to be released sooner of later, right? XD Let's talk about these human-like creatures, shall we?

To make the game seem more beefy and bulky, instead of just headcrabs and zombies, the Combine are going to be your primary enemy in the Half-Life Two game. They usually attack in force, and travel in general groups of four, or pairs of two at the smallest, especially out in the open, and will obviously try and kill you with their guns.

Your best chance at taking the Combine forces down are to attack them at close-range while taking cover constantly, and aiming for the head. The best weapon against the Comine is the .357 Magnum, which deals great damage even if it isn't the head. The trouble is that this weapon isn't available at the beginning of the game, so you're stuck with SMGs and pistols. You will not want to attack the Combine at long-range too often, as it isn't accurate all that much with weapons like the SMG and the AR2, but all the same, the Combine will be using these weapons too, but you wouldn't want to allow your life to hang in balance when five or six Combine are shooting at one Gordon Freeman and missing a little bit when there's only one Gordon Freeman, shooting at five or six Combine, and missing a little bit. Know what I'm saying? =D Fortunately for you, the Combine tend to charge at you when they've spotted you, so you'll have a better chance of engaging with them close-range than long-range, and have a better chance of hitting them in the head with whichever weapon you decide to use against them, and you can use the chance while they're charing at you to find a decent spot to avoid fire.

Headshots are the main thing to remember when dealing with the Combine, as the Combine are the most suitable enemies for headshots, are they not? Put it another way, they are heavily armoured from below the head, so it would be a wise choice to go for headshots rather than just flare and sweep at them with your guns. Dealing them more damage than they deal you is the main objective to this, and giving them plenty of headshots will definitely help. Giving them as many headshots as possible will return us to the first tip, which is to best engage them in close-range.

Civil ProtectionThe Civil Protection, better known as the cops of City 17, are, well, cops. =P They enjoy looking around or patrolling the streets of City 17 looking for citizens to beat with their stunsticks. They act like triads and thugs, especially if you enjoy chucking bottles and cans at them. During combat and battles, these guys are not particularly heavily-armoured, and you can take them down easily with the SMG or pistol without going for headshots. These guys carry around both stunsticks, pistols, and SMGs.

OverwatchYou will probably see the Overwatch in the Half-Life Two story more than any other enemy. The main difference between Civil Protection and the Overwatch are their upgraded and way cooler weaponry and more heavily-built armour. The carry around SMGs, AR2s and shotguns, and will most probably be feared most for their supreme grenade skills. The Overwatch also seem to have more common sense and better organisation than the Civil Protection, as they seem to use tactics and techniques and tend to form squads and perform planned-out attacks, attempting to take you down from different corners and angles.

The worst and, by far, the most dangerous troops of the Overwatch will be those carrying and wielding shotguns and grenades. Shotgun-wielders can deal a whole lot of damage, especially close-range, unless you're shooting from long distances. Pin-pointing them out from a crowd and targetting them first is well-advised when facing off with a crowd of Overwatch. Grenade-wielders are also very dangerous, so it is not a bad idea to keep a close eye on them. Any individual Overwatch carn carry a grenade. Fortunately for you, grenades have red laser light it emits along with the very distinctive chirping countdown noise, so they will be easy to spot. However, in a raging battle it might not be so easy, and therefore you may be seriously injured when a grenade goes off nearby. A good and simple way to counter-attack grenades, is to simply run, or use your gravity gun to pick it up and punt it back at your enemy, but you better decide fast!

Overwatch EliteThese guys in white suits are called "Elite" for a reason. They will easily stand out in an urban battle, and they wield the deadly pulse rifle. In addition to firing at you with rounds and rounds of AR2 shots, they will also use the alternative-fire, which sends out an orb. Fortunately for you, their orbs won't disintegrate you as your orbs do, however they still deal very heavy damage. The Overwatch Elite will not be able to perform the very tricky speed-balling trick, which is extremely useful when dealing with a lot of enemies in a rather small or narrow room. A detailed explanation on how to perform a speed-ball can be found here.

The Overwatch Elite are very heavily-armoured, making headshots your best chance of dealing with them. They almost always drop very precious ammunition, so be sure to collect as much as you can. Unfortunately for you, when you disintegrate your enemies with your own orbs, no ammunition will be dropped from their disintegrating bodies, as they're all disintegrated (duh), so you would not want to keep constantly using your orbs. Crossbows work very well against the Overwatch Elite, and kill them off in a single bolt, so be sure to use your crossbow against them when you think you have a clean clear shot at them, but only when you really do have a clean shot at them, because the crossbow doesn't reload particularly slow, but it isn't particularly fast either.

Hope my little guide helped, enjoy yourselves! Have fun. ;)

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  • Shoggot avatar
    Shoggot Joined 11y ago
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    Pros: You've summarized important facts and made it greatly readable. Cons: Some common tips like headshots...I think everyone knows that. Improvements: none Notes: none
    "You're child 'till you stop e
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  • qsxxsq2 avatar
    qsxxsq2 Joined 12y ago
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    Pros: helpful for people who are noobs at hl2 Cons: none Improvements: to awsome to need any Notes: your reviews are awsome.keep up the good work
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  • recongr avatar
    recongr Joined 14y ago
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    Notes: Good choice with the .357, but the shotgun is also very good at close-range. When dealing with elites, prepare your gravity gun, to give'em back their balls. Also you can use ar2 secondary fire when they're in groups, because they have ar2 sec. fire ammo to refill yourself with them. Civil protection are fools, if you see one from behind, be quiet and get closer with a crowbar in your hand. XD
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  • HomicidalDog avatar
    HomicidalDog Joined 13y ago
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    Very detailed and informationtive,well done
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  • shockmecrazy avatar
    shockmecrazy Joined 13y ago
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    Very nice work!!1
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    access_time 12y
    Good written, also would be good if there were written, how to deal with stronger enemys like Reaper mentioned, Gunships etc.
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    jekkus Joined 13y ago
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    Very nice written!
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    Simple Tutorial: CPs: Pistol or SMG does a quick job. Overwatch: Shot Gun OE: Pulse Rifle. You should include the vehicles, like Gun Ships.
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