A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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This tutorial includes mapping tips, recolor & reskin tips, and installation tips Special thanks: Jeffysan (the skin in photos) Churchill (the gloves in photos) Luckily for us CSCZ players, almost all CS 1.6 skins work in CSCZ NEEDED APPLICATIONS: any Half-Life Model Viewer Winrar Archiver Computer I) SKINNING: A) RECOLORING TEXTURES 1- Download "Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer 1.3.5" 2- Download a default skin of any type 3- Open Half-Life Viewer 4- Go to "Textures" tab 5- Click on "Export Texture" and save the file where you can find it 6- Open MS Paint or Photoshop (whichever is easier for you) 7- Goto File>Open>YOURFILE (YOURFILE is the exported pic) 8- Color on it and stuff 9- Save it in the place where you originally did ::IMPORTANT:: DO NOT NAME IT THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL!!! 10- Open the viewer again and open the model you got the texture from 11- Texture Tab and find the picture you exported originally 12- Click "Import Texture" and find your new texture 13- Check it out, if you don't like it, do steps 3-12 again until your happy B) HAND INSTALLATION 1- Download "Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer 1.3.5" 2- Download a skin you like 3- Download a hand texture you like 4- Unzip Everything 5- Open Half-Life Viewer 6- Go to the Texture Tab 7- Find the flip-down box thingy and scroll till you find something like "handfinal256.bmp" 8- Click "Import Texture" and find the hand texture that you picked earlier 9- It Should be there and the hands should be on your gun ::IMPORTANT:: The hands MUST be the same size as the original hand pictures II) INSTALLATION A) GUNS 1- After downloading a gun you like, unzip that sucker 2- Either itll be just the model+sound or a file saying what you got 3- Take the model (.mdl) files and copy and paste them here Program Files>steam>steamapps>YOUREMAIL>condition-zero>czero>models (.mdl gun files must be out of their folders) 4- Sound files go here Program Files>steam>steamapps>YOUREMAIL>condition-zero>czero>sound (.wav[i think] files must also NOT be in a folder when in the sound file ::IMPORTANT:: where "YOUREMAIL" is put your steam account name B) PLAYERS 1- Find and download 2- Unzip that sucker 3- find the model and make a new folder 4- Name the folder any of these (FOLDER\MODELNAME.mdl) Counter Terroist: GIGN\GIGN.MDL SAS\SAS.MDL URBAN\URBAN.MDL GSG9\GSG9.MDL SPETSNAZ\SPETSNAZ.MDL VIP\VIP.MDL Terroist LEET\LEET.MDL ARCTIC\ARCTIC.MDL GUERILLA\GUERILLA.MDL TERROR\TERROR.MDL MILITIA\MILITIA.MDL 5-Put the file in Program Files>steam>steamapps>YOUREMAIL>condition-zero>czero>model>player ::IMPORTANT:: Erase the "Remapped" picture in player or it WILL NOT WORK 6- Enjoy
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