HL2DM - Grenade & SLAM Techniques

A Tutorial for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Grenades and bombs are the practically the major thing in FPS games, so what's an FPS site without a guide about 'em? =D Grenades Grenades are weapons you automatically acquire when you spawn, which is rather handy. A lot of people tend to forget to use these, you know. When in a tight spot, lobbing one of these babies might just get you out! When someone else is in a cool spot, lob one of these and watch 'em evacuate! =D Bare in mind that the grenade produces little beeping sounds once thrown, and as the beeping sounds become closer together, the grenade will explode. Primary fire lobs the grenade, and bare in mind that the grenade can be thrown way further than in reality, so don't underestimate them. It is very useful when a sniper is hiding in a little room, sniping through a window and when you lob a grenade through the window after taking precise and careful aims, the sniper has nowhere to run and he's blown to bits! XD Secondary fire rolls the grenade, which is handy when trying to get grenades into a tough or low spot. Both chucking and rolling grenades takes time to get good at, like everything else, so don't give up too soon! ;) Nave-Cooking This is simple but very hard to master - you toss a grenade high up into the air and very quickly switch to the gravity gun and catch it. Catching the grenade resets the timer, thus giving you a little more time to aim and find your enemy, and then you shoot it! =O Defence If someone chucks a grenade at you, you can run - distance helps. You can turn the corner and hide behind a large unmovable object, blocking out the grenade's damage splash radius. You can shoot at it as it flies towards you, but this takes tremendous skill. You can also punt it back with the gravity gun, or catch it and shoot it back! Either way, the grenade is a terrific and very useful weapons in all FPS games, yet people tend to forget to use them. Grenades have saved my skin more than once. SLAMs These are little mines that can be thrown, and blown up manually when an enemy walks past it, or they can be laser-tripped mines, and once the laser senses movement, it blows up. These can come in handy a LOT in-game. Tips When laying mines, if you like to start chain reactions, you needn't lay them so close together, as the splash radius is fairly large. When you'd rather not cause a chain reaction when someone attacks your mines, you can lay them fairly far apart from each other. When laying trip-mines, it is well advised to lay them closer to the floor so your enemies will not easily see them when turning corners. Defence Defending yourself against these little puppies, you gotta keep an eye out for tell-tale red lights! Especially when turning corners! Never do predictably actions that will land you in SLAM-infested areas or make you walk past trip-mines unsuspectingly! Using the gravity gun to clear out mine-infested areas is also helpful. Either way, these are both weapons that players tend to forget to use, so be the better player and make good use of 'em! Good luck and happy hunting! (>")>
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