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Transparent/Animated Sprays

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

Requirements •GIMP v2.2.16 •Vtex Converter Step 1 First: Download and install GIMP. Next: Extract the Vtex converter to anywhere. ex.. Desktop Then: Open GIMP and get ready for Step 2 Step 2 Now that you have GIMP open, Go File>New. You want the settings to be 128x128 pixels for this Tut (for size matters). Fill it with Transparency with RGB color selected (you can refer to Screenshot A). Now Click OK and make your picture. If you are making an animated picture make two. Step 3 Now with your pictures made, you need to save them. Save them IN THIS EXACT FORMAT: spray001.tga spray002.tga etc... Also Don't save with RLE Compression!!! (refer to screenshot B) Step 4 Now, open up your Vtex folder and go Vtex/hl2/materialsrc/animated. Make sure its materials'rc'. Bring both of your images into this folder. now, right click in your animated folder and make a new text file; name it "spray.txt". In that text file, add this: "startframe" "1" "endframe" "1" Now set the endframe's "1" to however many pictures you have. I have 2 so mine would be: "startframe" "1" "endframe" "2" (refer to screenshot C) Now save and go back to your Vtex folder. Step 5 In your Vtex folder you'll see "covert.bat". Run this file. Now go Vtex/hl2/materials/animated. Not materials'rc'. In this folder you will find 2 items: Spray.vmt Spray.vtf Open up "Spray.vmt" and you will see this: "LightmappedGeneric" { "$baseTexture" "animated/spray" } Change that to this: "LightmappedGeneric" { "$basetexture" "vgui\logos\gabedance" "$decal" "1" "$decalscale" "1" } (refer to Screenshot D) Step 6 You can rename these files as long as they both have the same name. ex. Bo-Bomb.vmt Bo-Bomb.vtf Lastly, move both of these files to your Steam\SteamApps\user\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\VGUI\logos. Now just run your Counter-Strike client, go to options and find your spray. Refer to Screenshot E! YOUR DONE!!! -hope this was helpful, --Stoned Copyright 2007


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    This should be in the spray section.
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    Nice WORK :D
    iam ahmed !
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    Wow, glad to see that ur useing GIMP, even if its a old version... maybe ur useing the new one now? lo
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    aka [-B-]
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    This dont work peps and is a waste of time ive done it for about 2 hours step by step


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    I dont have the two files in my materials animated??why help plz
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    It says at convert.bat: "Error intializing texture hl2/materialsrc/animated/spray.tga" Gives another error if I change my spray001 name to spray.tga. Then it sais same but with ...animated/spray001.tga. If I change another one to spray001.tga it still keeps giving same thing.
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    OMFG = Old Men Flashing Genita
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    Pros: Informative Cons: you could do alot better


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    Pros: covers the basics


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    This is a skinning or maybe a GUI tutorial, but defenatly not an animating tutorial. The animation tuts section is meant for tuts regarding how to animate models, not about how to turn pictures into a gif that CSS can read. Also, a tutorial like this was already made, with greater attention to the detail and eye-candy. Sorry, but disapprove for wrong section/duplicate.


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    Respect is everything.


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