HL2DM - Movement

A Tutorial for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Movement How you move is more important than anything else in DM. Some people think it has to do with being a good shot.I totally disagree.FPS games are about outsmarting your opponents.How you do that is mostly by how you move.The first thing you have to learn is: move.Don’t stand still,not even for half a second!If you do,you will suddenly find yourself in darkness with no bright light at the end of the tunnel.I can’t tell you how many people I’ve killed who were standing perfectly still.Sure,they might be shooting me, but if I’m moving and you’re not, you’re dying and I’m not.Simple as that.If I have a crossbow,you won’t even know what hit you.Also,don’t think of movement as “forward.” Backward and sideways also work and so do up and down.So does a crazy zig-zag, jumping,ghoulish dance.Do it all and as long as you do you will find it easier to overcome your opponents. Don't turn.Strafe! If you’re actually using the keyboard to turn,you’re probably not winning much,unless I’m sadly mistaken.You probably use your mouse to turn,but you should be using your keyboard to strafe. This is a primary skill of the game,and without mastering it,you won’t win very often. Strafing involves moving left or right while facing straight ahead.You should be constantly doing this while in a battle - whether your enemy is close by or far away.Your mouse should be focused on aiming at them, while your feet are doing the crazy dance.If someone is far away and naive enough to be running in a straight line,you can actually use strafe to move along with them and keep a constant stream of bullets perforating their spleen.It’s rather humorous,and quite effective! Avoid straight lines This is the second thing people need to learn.Don’t move in a straight line because you are telling everyone exactly where they should shoot.If I’m up high with a crossbow,I will usually be able to kill you.However,if you zigzag, speed up and slow down, and frequently change direction,you will be more likely to survive.This holds true at all times.Even in a close-quarters battle with your SMG,if you make erratic,unpredictable movements,your enemy will hit you less often.Learn to move erratically without even thinking about it.It should become second nature to you. Sprinting Sprinting is a bit of an art,but if you use it properly it will save your life frequently.Place your sprint key somewhere that it is easily accessible – I’ve mentioned where most of my keys are earlier! =3 You can’t sprint forever,and you’ll quickly figure this out.You run out of energy,and have to replenish before you can sprint again.The key is to use sprint often to move faster about the map and be able to find people to kill without using it too much,and not having any sprinting energy when you need it.There are critical times when sprinting will come in handy,namely if you’re running low along an area while you are being sniped. Don’t stop and try to find or kill your sniper, just sprint out of there.You are,of course,harder to hit while you’re sprinting. Find your cycle Part of a good player’s routine is to have a cycle that you follow on some maps.This will depend on your personal style.For example,I happened to be fond of the orbs shot from the AR2 gun.So on some maps,I have a particular loop I travel, basically picking up orbs and everything else along the way.If you get in a cycle that is timed just right,you get all the good ammo and anyone else who is scavenging behind you will turn up empty.On maps where I get in the groove,I can hoard all the good ammo, and win most battles since I’m the only one with the good ammo!It’s also amazing to me that people pass by the power-ups without picking them up.Even a clip of pistol ammo is better in your hands than in your enemy’s.If you pass up a box of orbs,then you’re just begging me to kill you with it! =D X,Y and Z axis It’s important in any FPS game to stop thinking on a flat plane. Instead, be thinking up,down,left,right,forward and back.If you’re being shot and you can’t figure out where it’s coming from then look up! Higher is Better As in real-life military situations,having the higher ground in a battle give you an advantage - especially if there is no ceiling above you.The key here is splash damage. Many of my kills were not the result of a direct hit,but of splash damage.Check out my tutorial on weapon specs,but shooting down on your enemy is easier for you.Forcing your enemy to shoot up at you makes it harder for them. Gravity Gun Jumping This is a unique feature of HL2.You can jump higher by standing on an object that employs physics like radiators,tin sheets,and even cars work! Point your gravity gun down at the object,jump and fire at the same time.Wheeee!It takes some practice,though. I hardly ever use this feature,as it will rarely offer you an advantage.More likely,you will get killed by taking the time to set up all the components.However in some circumstances,it will certainly pay off. Aggression This guide is intended to teach you how to win.However,some people have the most fun by hiding in a dark hallway waiting for someone to enter, then puncturing them with a crossbow bolt, then staring at their hanging corpse for five minutes. If that’s your style,go for it!But if you want to win,this is not the style you should adapt.By “winning” in this case,I mean to have the highest kill/death ratio.This means that if you have 30 kills but only died 10 times,you have a 3/1 kill/death ratio. 3/1 is very good. 1/1 is good on some maps. So what do I mean by “aggression”?Why is it under the “movement” part?Simply put,in order to win,you must be constantly seeking out people to kill.If you see another player and injure him/her,chase them down in such a way as to kill them,but keep yourself alive.The only time you should run or let them run away is if you have very little life left,or you don’t have the ammo needed to out-gun them.Otherwise, be the tiger and chase! Run Backwards Anyone who has played CTF has probably learned how to run backwards.It’s a skill that is used less in DM, but the ones who use it are usually the ones who win.If you can do it,you will give yourself an advantage over the rest.It is useful because if you know where there is some health nearby,you can run backwards toward the kits,and shoot your enemy en route.If you run with your back toward your enemy,you may not make it all the way to your goal. It’s also extremely handy if you find yourself inches away from an enemy with a crowbar.Run away from them, backwards,and sprint backwards,and shoot them and their close-combat weapon with your long-range guns.Otherwise,you can risk taking them on with your crowbar,but you’re probably already injured so that’s a bad idea. Happy Hunting! ^3^


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