HL2DM - Basic Guide

A Tutorial for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

There are some very basic pointers in this guide,as well as a few more advanced tips.My goal with this guide is basically to help players get better.I don’t enjoy overwhelmingly beating someone any more than I enjoy getting my butt whooped.What I enjoy the most is a good,close match with competitive,friendly players.And with that said,let's begin! ^.^ Etiquette First things first; the main reason we play is because it’s fun.Sore losers make the game less fun for everyone.If someone is dominating you,then use your head to try to figure out their tactics and outsmart them.You won’t ever win respect by whining or accusing people of cheating.The moment you start bad-mouthing someone,you are lowering yourself.Just take your beating.Hell,I have taken many beatings,trying over and over again to kill someone who had managed to get into a good spot, only to be repeatedly killed by them.Sometimes it hurts the ego but it’s better to just sign off than to lower yourself to bad-mouthing. Secondly,don’t be quick to accuse someone of cheating.Many instances where bizarre things happen may look at first as if someone is cheating,but really it's simply a result of lag.Keep your mouth closed and you won’t ever be sorry. Lastly,the game has a specific goal: Kill everything that moves.It is very unrealistic to expect people to not spawn kill.When I’m running around a map,I kill everything I see,and if it spawns in front of me, I kill it. Now, I don’t camp at spawn areas for the purpose of spawn killing,but if it happens,it happens!Additionally,if someone gets to a sweet spot of the map and repeatedly kills you with an RPG,don’t complain,just get even!I don’t consider it bad sportsmanship to finally kill someone who has killed you several times and rub their nose in it with a friendly jibe.The goal of some maps,like dm_overwatch is to get to a “sweet spot”,usually a higher spot with a lethal view in many directions,also with a weapon like a crossbow or RPG available and wreak havoc.Don’t fault people for doing this: it’s the objective of the map and ultimately,the game. All that said,don't camp spawn areas and kill spawners over and over.It’s just an unfair way to win a game,and you probably won’t win anyway…except on some rubbish maps where there’s only one spawn point. >_> The Basics The first rule is don't panic.Keep a cool head at all times during the game.Think about what’s going on,and react intelligently. Get to Know Yourself... Find out what you’re good at and not good at.Some people are better at sniping.Some are better at using the gravity gun.Then find your own style and see if it works,but be flexible.In the end,you’ll need to be fairly good at everything if you want to consistently win. Also,learn where your weaknesses are.I’m particularly weak against someone who is good with a gravity gun,so I avoid areas where such players like to lurk,like the bottom floor of killbox maps.I also suck with the SMG,so I only use it under certain circumstances. Also,it’s important to configure your controls in such a way that it’s easy for you to move about and shoot.I do not use the default controls.Figure out a way to get all your primary and urgent controls within close proximity of your left hand. Then get used to them so you don’t ever have to think about it. This is what I use for myself – I use the arrow keys for moving forwards,backwards and strafing left and right.I use the control key beside the arrows to crouch,the shift key beside the arrows to jump,and the KP_INS key to sprint.I also use the delete key on the number pad to talk on my mic so it makes it easy for me to talk while I’m playing.I’ve also configured multiple other keys for my advantage on the keyboard. Maps One of the first things you have to do to get better at HL2:DM,or any FPS,is to learn your maps.Learn where your favourite weapons spawn.Learn where your favourite ammo spawns.Learn paths that are safe,and won’t result in you getting shot in the back.Once you have learned a map,that way you’ll approach each game entirely different.After you learn the map,you don’t have to think about where to go,you just go there,and on the way there you will typically know where to look for your enemy.Before you learn a map,you will wander aimlessly,get shot in the back,and die a lot more. Don’t get frustrated while you’re learning a map - it’s part of the learning curve.
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