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Carbomb Explained - A Tutorial for ArmA: Armed Assault

Foxhound at Armaholic Told me how to do this and other things in mapping but i think this is by far the funnest ingame but most annoying trying to put it in. Programs needed- -Arma Tools Car moving-- Give the car a name like e.g "car1" (without the "" Add a trigger or gamelogic to your mission and name it "destin" (without the "" Add a trigger to your mission which is fired at the even you want (for testing you could make it execute on radio alpha, this way you can easily controle it). In the onactivation of the trigger put Code: car1 domove getpos destin Now over the area where you want the car to move when you gave him the order add another trigger. Give this trigger the name "ied1" (again without the "". Connect this trigger with the car by pressing F2 (group) press and hold your left mouse button on the trigger and drag it to the car. Now that trigger is set to execute when "vehicle = present" In the onactivation of the trigger add the following Code: [ied1] exec "mine.sqs" Add the following script to your mission Code: ; Get the object to explode _object = _this Select 0 ; Get the position for the explosion _pos = GetPos _object _posx = _pos select 0 _posy = _pos select 1 ; Create the explosion _tempObj = "Bo_GBU12_LGB" createvehicle[_posx,_posy,0] Exit Just copy and paste the above in a text document, choose save as, select all files and save it as mine.sqs. After you have called the car (radio alpha) he will drive to that gamelogic (named destin), as soon as he gets inside the trigger you added over that gamelogic the script will execute and blow up the car. Car Stationary- NOTE: For this part of the tut the rest of the things i will tell you will need a Diffrent Script Which can be found Here Code: [BMP, 30, 5, "Sh_120_SABOT", carone] exec "carbombv1.2.sqs" Copy and paste that into a Trigger.... This One is a Fun one to annoy people who play your Map.... Car Driving- Code: [heli1, 70, 2, "Sh_120_SABOT", 140] exec "carbombv1.2.sqs" This will make it so when they go over 70 (Or what ever number you choose) they cant go slower Or faster than 140 k/h! So if they go to fast or too slow the Car/Heli/What ever it is Will Explode.... Do you see the diffent codes? I suggest to optomize your Car bomb is to Make it a CAR! And not make a Jahad Jeep/Heli/ext. Now that you Finished Placing the Code, You now need to save the Map into Single Player or Multiplayer Type map. Now go to The Arma Tools You downloaded (Top of the page) And Hit the Cpbo File now the .exe. A New window will pop up now that you now have it working exit out of it now go to the Arma Folder and then Missions. Right Click the Name of the Map you were working on and hit Extract. Now place Carbombv1.2.sqs in the folder and then right click the folder that got extracted and hit Create PBO And you are done! This has been a PRIME Arts Tutorial Codes Given to me by Foxhound and Flat Of Armaholic Enjoy!