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Creating/Editing Skins

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

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The basics of making a retexture

----------------------------- Few Things you need: 1. Image editing program (Photoshop ex) 2. GCFscape or a program like that. 3. A VTF Plug-in - If you have photoshop you should get this Plug-in, readme in the archive. - Paint.NET users need this instead - Gimp users need this 4. VTFedit if you can't get your plug-in to work. * * * Go to your SteamApps folder in your Steam directory, then Common, then Counter-Strike Source, then cstrike. Double click on 'cstrike\_pak\_dir.vpk'. Now you will see the root directory. Click on that. Then "Matrials>Models>Weapons or player".
(In weapons: v\_models is Player view - w\_models is: World view) Player:
Select player model, click and hold the VTF file and drag it to its target directory, see the image for an example for the M4A1. Weapon:
Select weapon in the V_models folder. When you're done, hold and drag the .VTF file to its target destination. If you have installed the VTF plug-in, you can open the .VTF file, and edit it, after that save it. If you don't have the plug-in, use VTFEdit to convert the file by double clicking the file.
Now you opened it. Then File > Export > Choose Folder. Now the .VTF file is a TGA file and you can edit it in ALL image programs, when finish editing, save file. Go into VTFedit again, then: File > Import > Find and select your file > OK. Now you should see something Gfx options or something. You just click OK again. After that, do: File > Save.. Done, now you made your own skin.
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    Killa-Panda Joined 11y ago
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    My files are VTX!!!!! HELPPP
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  • sslevski avatar
    sslevski Joined 12y ago
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    Posted by Geronimo My skins is .vtx format ?? :S:S:S:S
    mate i got the same problem what should i do ???
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  • 2noobish4u avatar
    2noobish4u Joined 11y ago
    access_time 11y
    OK for all of you who dont know how to use your brains... google it!! if your missing a link google it it works.. for the plugin put... vtf plugin... search u find it .... for the first one put GCFscape in google.. AND YOU FIND EM BOTH :)
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  • Stupideye avatar
    Stupideye Joined 11y ago
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    access_time 11y
    I've edited the skin and saved it. How do I install it so I can use it in a game?
    Chris Costa can stare into you
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  • fullpro evo avatar
    fullpro evo Joined 12y ago
    access_time 12y
    GCFscape file was not found at please fix also and also
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  • yonn avatar
    yonn Joined 12y ago
    access_time 12y
    Pros: OMG! I DID IT!! I just followed EXACTLY like you did it :D i now have a kick ass awp skin man!!!!! Cons: Kinda a TEENY bit confusing right at end. i was a lil lost but i got it Improvements: clear that up, maybe baby noobs will get it! :P Notes: You RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P i got 40 days till i got to buy photoshop >.>
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  • Geronimo avatar
    Geronimo Joined 13y ago
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    access_time 12y
    My skins is .vtx format ?? :S:S:S:S avatar
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  • X-noize avatar
    X-noize Joined 12y ago
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    access_time 12y
    Pros: qwewq Cons: eqweqwe Improvements: wqeqweqwe Notes: qwe
    Learning to Skin avatar
    Learning to Skin
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  • Bolt avatar
    Bolt Joined 12y ago
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    Can you please fix links
    Undead Studios avatar
    Undead Studios
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    access_time 12y
    I have the same problem ad BigBadDeagle and i dont understand this please help us
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    Smooth Shooter
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