Creating a scope with Photoshop

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

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This is my first tutorial. I'm going to walk through how to make a "correct" scope using Photoshop 7.0. What you need: -Photoshop 7.0 -VTFPlugin for Photoshop Here are the steps I used to make my first scope: 1. Open Photoshop 7.0 and create a new 1024x1024 document. The resolution doesn't really matter that much, I just left it at 72. 2. Open a 512x512 document. 1. Fill this document with any color other than white. 1. Drag the 512x512 box onto the 1024x1024 document and place it in the upper left corner. 3. Using the navigator, zoom in to the bottom right corner of the box, this will be the center of the scope. 4. Select the single horizontal row marquee tool and click underneath the box. Fill this line with a different color, then fill the line above this line with the same color. 5. Do the same with the vertical row marquee tool. Once this is done, you should have 2 lines that cross through the middle of your scope that resemble the normal scope in Counter-Strike: Source. This should help you line up scope design. 6. Now delete the colored box in the top left corner, I did this using the magic wand tool. Close the 512x512 document. 7. Delete the background layer. 8. Change the color of the crosshair in the middle of the scope to black. Then go down to the channels tab. 9. Create a new channel. It will be named Alpha 1. The document should now have changed to black. 10. This part is a little complex. Make sure you have the RGB channels selected (Just click RGB, Alpha 1 wont be highlighted); then use the magic wand to select the black crosshair in the middle of the scope. Now hit Ctrl+X to cut the crosshair out, then select the Alpha 1 channel and hit Ctrl+V to paste the crosshair in. Finally hit Ctrl+I to invert the color of the crosshair so that now you have a white crosshair with black background. 11. Select the RGB channels and fill them with black. 12. Now you can design your scope on the Alpha 1 channel. Everything you do in white turns to black on the actual scope in game. Black turns to transparent. So make your scope the way you want. Custom scopes in Counter-Strike: Source always have to have the default scope above them. I recommend deleting the first crosshair you made in the beginning, after you make your scope overlay on the alpha channel, making it have empty space where the Counter-Strike: Source scope lays down. 13. Now all you have to do is save the file as a VTF. Go up to File, then Save As... select to save it as a VTF with Alpha Channels and name it "scope_lens". It should be saved in your cstrike/materials/overlays folder for Counter-Strike: Source. I left the VTF options as default. Now you have an original black scope overlay made by yourself. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want some color on your scope, that's not hard either. Here's steps for adding color (this is a little more advanced): Following the steps above, this would replace step 15... After making the black for your scope on the Alpha 1 channel, you can add a red aimpoint on the scope. 1. Go to the red alpha channel and create a rectangular box in the middle of the scope that will fit the aimpoint in the middle of it. Color it white. You can use the Alpha 1 channel to line things up. 2. Now go to the brush tool and select a brush you would like to use for the aimpoint. Using the Alpha 1 channel place an "aimpoint" in the center of the scope using the brush tool. Any white on the alpha channel that doesn't hit the red rectangle will turn out black. 3. Save it as a VTF the same way as before. Now you should have a scope that has an aimpoint in the middle. Using those steps of editing the channels you can add many colors in and mess around with your scope as freely as you want to. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading, oakmage



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