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Basic Vertex manipulation - A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source.

Welcome to another one of my tutorials. In this tutorial, I will be teaching you the basics of the Vertex Manipulation Tool(). The Vertex Manipulation Tool is a nifty little tool that allows you to manipulate the vertexes on the brushes. To select it, press Shift+V or click on the button. In this tutorial, I will be showing you 2 examples of what this tool can be used for. Example 1: Architecture The vertex Manipulation tool can be very handy when you're trying to add some Architectural details to a building or a wall. The next few steps will teach you how.
  1. Open up your map, or create a small hallway or brush really quick.
  2. Create a smaller brush against the wall. Only 1 is needed, because we will be Vertex Manipulating it and then copying it.
  3. Now it's time to manipulate the vertexes
  4. In order to move vertexes, simply select the Vertex Manipulation Tool(). When you select it, the brush selection should change, it should look something like this:
  5. In the Top Viewport, you should see 8 dots in total. The white dots control the vertexes, and the yellow dots control the edges of the brush.
  6. Select the vertexes that are against the wall, and move them out just to give the brush a minor smooth look. Like this:
  7. That's about it for this part of the tutorial. Now you just need to duplicate that brush and texture it. I ended up with something like this:
Example 2: Ramps In this second example, I will be teaching you how to make a simple ramp. Here's what I start off with:
    What we are going to do, is Manipulate the Vertexes on Brush C so that it connects with Brush A. You can accomplish this by doing the following:
  1. Select Brush C, and then press Shift+V or select the Vertex Manipulation tool(). Once done so, you should see the selection change like it did previously.
  2. Now, if you go to the 2d views while the brush is selected, you should see something like this:
  3. Select the center vertex point, this should move the entire edge of the brush.
  4. While you have the center vertex point selected, move it upwards until the brush comes in contact with the other brush, completing the ramp.
  5. You're done! You should have something like this: With some minor adjustments and some details, you can make something similar to this: There are limitless ways this tool can be used, these are just 2 examples that are used often. Note: Creating Extensive Geometry in your map using the Vertex Manipulation tool might cause Invalid Brushes if done incorrectly. Be Careful.
Thank you for reading my tutorial, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM me or leave a comment. Half Life StormHalf Life Storm Studio -SGT_kick_ur_ass
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    UnderTheOak Joined 12y ago
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    Nice ! I never used vertex tool before, but now i know that is more efficient than clipping tool to do stuff like you. Thanks. 10.
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    Pros: Great Tutorial. Very easy to read. Very Helpful. Cons: None. Improvements: None. Notes: Nice use of the screenshots they really helped. A perfect 10/10
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  • Great Work man, helped me a bunch.
    Im super duper awesome. NOT.
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    Rivax Joined 14y ago
    Pros: None Cons: None Improvements: None Notes: Awesome work dude. keep it up. Helped me alot.
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  • Omegavox avatar
    Omegavox username pic Joined 14y ago
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    Great tutorial! If you could tell us what creates invalid brush errors? Because sometimes I get them and I don't know why. 10/10
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    Stuff you I'm from NZ
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  • DBAninefo avatar
    DBAninefo Joined 14y ago
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    It's better than using the clipping tool, thanks.
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  • Basically you seem to follow a unique pattern of perfect tuts, excellent. What will the error be if i make an invalid brush? I always use this tool, and always have errors and it would be nice to know for the future.
    Music is life. avatar
    Music is life.
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  • TwistedAim avatar
    TwistedAim Joined 14y ago
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    This tut Kicks Ass!
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  • arthuro12 avatar
    arthuro12 Joined 15y ago
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    Posted by Shengoden Please help me: I can only make brushes like the fields show. I can't just move a block half a field! Email answer if you have it to: shengoden [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
    super late reply i know.. go to options and deselect ''snap on grid'' BAM! ur done :D
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    Worst Avatar ever.
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  • St. Patrick avatar
    St. Patrick Joined 15y ago
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    Please help me: I can only make brushes like the fields show. I can't just move a block half a field! Email answer if you have it to: shengoden [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
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