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Program(s) Needed
Some people have asked me how I achieved a firey text effect like in my Tbar and in this signature. Well, I will tell you how with this step by step process. 1) Create the text layer.
    Use A Blocky Font. It makes things easier.
2) Create a second layer.
    Double click the layer for it's properties. Under Blending Mode, Choose Negation.
3) On The Second Layer, Create Clouds
    Go to Effects > Clouds Set the cloud size to twice the size of the font. Set the blend mods for the clouds to difference.
4) Use Levels to adjust the clouds layer. Open the levels adjustment, hit Reset, then under the output area, the replace the default values of 255, 1.00, 0 with 128, 2.0, 0. These are the output White point, output gamma, and output black point, respectively. 5) Use Levels to adjust the text layer. Open the levels adjustment, hit Reset, then change the input white point (the top-left textbox) to 210. The flatten the two layers (clouds on top of text). 6) Use the magic wand and set it's tolerance to 69%. Select the area outside of the text, as well as any holes in the text (like the hole in A or O or B, etc). Delete the selected areas. 7) Open up the Curves adjustment. Choose 'RGB' under 'Transfer map', then uncheck the 'Red' and 'Green' checkboxes so you're only modifying the blue channel, add a control point as shown below. Do the same for the green channel so you have the curves shown below. 8) You are complete! Feel free to add your own effects to the text.


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