Creating a Overview Description File

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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Simple 10 steps for creating overview description file. 1. Open your CS CZ and in 'Option' tab keep your resolution to 1024 x 768 or above. 2. In 'New Multiplayer' tab start you custom map or any map you want to take the overview image. Start with no bots, usefull for no .nav file maps. 3. When map starts hit '~' for console and type sv_cheats 1 and submit. 4. Then type dev_overview 1 and submit. 5. Restart the server with same map and you see the overview. 6. When you open the console again you will see some text like this: Overview: Zoom 1.04, Map Origin (-24.00, 993.00, 416.00), Z Min 1025.00, Z Max -192.00, Rotated 1 copy or write it down. 7. Open Notepad and paste a reference data of other map, like: // overview description file for de_dust_cz.bsp global { ZOOM 1.04 ORIGIN -24 993 -192 ROTATED 1 } layer { IMAGE "overviews/de_dust_cz.bmp" HEIGHT -192 } 8. Now from the text you copied or written fill the Zoom value for ZOOM, Map Origin values(first two values) for ORIGIN, Z Max value for HIEGHT and the same value for third value of ORGIN. And Rotated value for ROTATED. (See the eg above in 6&7) 9. Replace the map name with your map name in first line and IMAGE field. 10. Save the txt file as your map name like de_dust_cz.txt in your overview folder. Done!!! For detail tutorial visit:


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