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A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

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What do you need? Photoshop (I am using 7.0) VTF Edit, if you don't have it, you can find it Here Introduction I made this, because lots of people asked me how to make a High Res background, because it never works with PhotoShop VTF Plugin. I will explain how to make a High Res Menu Background, you don't use VTF Plugin for Photoshop for this, it won't work, because a high res background is 2048 X 2048 big! So you will need VTF Edit for this Step 1: Open Photoshop Open up a picture, File > Open, it has to be bigger than 2048 X 2048 for good quality, it can be smaller, but only a tiny bit. Now resize the image, Screenshot B, resize it to 2048 X 2048, Screenshot C. Now save it as a .TGA, Not VTF, it wont work! Step 2: Open VTF Edit. Now Import the image, Screenshot D, click File > Import, it may take a few minutes, ignore those options when it opens, just click OK. Now simply save it and turn Nice Filter on, Screenshot E, Save it as background01.vtf it has to be that exact name or it won't work. Step 3: Now go to you steam folder > steamapps > common > counterstrikesource > cstrike > materials > Console and put the background01.vtf file here. There you go, a high res background for Your CS:S start up menu! Now go play CS:S!


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  • 8y
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    Pros: every thing
    Cons: none
    Improvements: none
    Notes: good work


    Dont Blame Me Blame Video Game avatar
    Dont Blame Me Blame Video Game
  • 8y
    Great tutorial. I cannot give this a 10 on the grounds that there is onlyone Html link used to spice up the read. No links to useful pages which may help in understanding this tutorial better. The screen-shots though clearly show a desktop with photo-shop on it simply dont give you any sense of correlation to the tutorial.

    I read this through and made a background on first try.

    for that I am impressed.
  • 9y
    TDDTweeT avatar
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    Member Joined 9y
    I like this tutorial a lot :D Thanks
  • 9y
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    Omfg boobies
  • 10y
    Edgar avatar
    Edgar Offline
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    32 pixel?

    I get the same thing as 2Xtreme
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  • 10y
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    This is more a short description of how to use VTF Edit than a tutrial about creating menu backgrounds.
    Also, the .vtf plugin works great for me, I can save textures up to 4096*4096 (didn't try higher res up to now).
    Respect is everything. avatar
    Respect is everything.
  • 10y
    Xtreme avatar
    Xtreme Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Hmmm... it says me:
    error creating vtf texture.

    invalid image widht. widht must be a nonzero and a power of two.

    can somebody helps me???
  • 10y
    Slow_Flow avatar
    Slow_Flow Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    228 points Ranked 16155th
    Nice !!! easy and usefull !!! thx man !!! ;)
    Im OuT Peaceee... avatar
    Im OuT Peaceee...
  • 10y
    DeadEcho avatar
    DeadEcho Offline
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    Pros: Like said before, short and sweet.
    Cons: None
    Improvements: None.
    Notes: Awesome!


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    The echo is dead
  • 10y
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    Short, sweet, and to the point


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