Installing Weapon Models

A Tutorial for Day of Defeat

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Before reading this guide, you may want to download and install the DoD Folder Structure to make installing easier. Installing weapon models: ========================= To install a weapon skin or model with steam extract the v_,w_,p_ files in the zip to your: c:\valve\steam\steamapps\youremail\dayofdefeat\dod\models Files to be placed in the models folder should end with the extension MDL. Side Note- p_, w, v_, are just the different views that you can see a model from in game. v_model: First person view, meaning the way it looks while your using it yourself. p_model: Third person view, that's the way your new model from DoD Editing Center :-p looks when its in someone elses hands, like all your mates running around with it. w_model: World View, Ya know when your out of ammo after wasting Nazis and you look down and see the guns of your falling mates laying on the ground? That is this model. Some weapon models may only have v, some may have all. Also, if you want to use your tommy gun in place of your carbine or any other non scoped combo you can do this: Take your files from the tommy gun and rename them *_m1carb ect. (replace * with what ever view it is) Installing Player models: ========================= To install a player skin or model with steam first you should create the following folders: c:\valve\steam\steamapps\youremail\dayofdefeat\dod\models\player\us-para c:\valve\steam\steamapps\youremail\dayofdefeat\dod\models\player\us-inf c:\valve\steam\steamapps\youremail\dayofdefeat\dod\models\player\axis-inf c:\valve\steam\steamapps\youremail\dayofdefeat\dod\models\player\axis-para c:\valve\steam\steamapps\youremail\dayofdefeat\dod\models\player\brit-inf c:\valve\steam\steamapps\youremail\dayofdefeat\dod\models\player\brit-para Once that is done, depending on the model or skin you download it should be placed in the corresponding directory. So, axis para models go in the axis-para folder, and so on. Don't worry, the files are named like this: us-para.mdl us-paraT.mdl us-inf.mdl us-infT.mdl axis-inf.mdl axis-infT.mdl axis-para.mdl axis-paraT.mdl brit-inf.mdl brit-infT.mdl brit-para.mdl brit-paraT.mdl So as long as you can read (If your reading this I am assuming you can) just match up the file names from in the zip with the folder. If you download a model and its twisted up and to the side, it isn't your fault chances are its because the model is out of date. Email the author if you want it bad enough, or learn to do it yourself. Also, sometimes I have gotten models and they are missing legs and just plain are mismatched. Chances are its because your model is for Para use not Inf or vice versa. This can be fixed by decompileing and recompiling but that's another guide. Installing Sprites: =================== Sprites can be a lot of things, to name a few muzzle flashes, blood ect. But no matter what they all go to the same place. To install sprites with steam, extract all of the sprite files in your zip to: c:\valve\steam\steamapps\youremail\dayofdefeat\dod\sprites Sprites have a .spr extension. Installing Maps: ================ To install maps with steam, extract the .bsp files in your zip to: c:\valve\steam\steamapps\youremail\dayofdefeat\dod\maps Installing Custom Sounds: ========================= To install custom sounds there are a few choices to make. First lets go over installing new sounds for your weapons. If Your replacing say, the shooting noise of your garand you should place the sound files (usually .wav but this can change) in: c:\valve\steam\steamapps\youremail\dayofdefeat\dod\sounds\weapons Pretty easy eh? Weapons sounds go in the weapons folder! What do ya know! Also there is a folder called ambiance. Ambiance are all those "bangs" and "booms" that you hear off in the distance. They basically give you a more realistic environment. Also this contains those catchy songs you hear when you win or lose. If you haven't noticed them, you might have them turned off. To turn them on go to your console and type ambiance_1. To install ambiance place the file in the, you guessed it ambiance folder of your sound directory: c:\valve\steam\steamapps\youremail\dayofdefeat\dod\sounds\ambience


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    What about sprays? Btw Fredrik you dont place the models in the weapons folder. you place it in .../steamapps/day of defeat/dod/models folder.
    Life Is Short, But Soul Is For
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    Nice and simple...


    u, donĀ“t, know, how, sick, u,
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    This one was really helpfull an very easy even for newbies :D

    GOOD WORK! :)
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    Hmm, actually ive added some models
    whit the right name and ALL but it wont show ingame! :s
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    Norway Man
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    Lol nice, allways looken out for the blind/hard at seeing lol


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    Get over it, lifes to short
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    Fixed it X!
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    Maybe i'm back for a little wh
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    This tutorial lacks a better text formatting. Currently the tutorial looks rather unstructured. You need to change of font color or at least bold your text when you want to point out something important, structure your tutorial in several parts, and add more visual aides.


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