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Create a buy menu background

A Tutorial for Counter-Strike: Source

before you begin make sure you have... - VTFEdit, you can get this in the tools section - any paint program, the default paint that come with windows will work fine 1. first download any background, I used my bullet background. it is easier to use an already made background than start 1 up from scratch. you can use mine if you like. 2. unzip the background and open it up, you should see something similar if not just like the ScreenShot. Shrink that down we will come back to that. 3. open the picture you would like to use as your buy menu, brightness my be boosted a little in game so you may need to tweak the contrast and brightness level a couple times. select your picture and copy it (Ctrl-C). 4. Go back to that VTF background file we shrunk down in step 2, paste your picture in this file (Ctrl-V). It will overright the picture in there and resize itself appropriately. push "OK" on the menu that pops up. 5. Now that your picture is set up it is time to save. go to File-Save As. 3. Save it to, C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\VGUI\gfx\VGUI and make sure you save it as "Solid_Background" or it will not work. Thats it, now next time you start up CS:S you will have that picture as your buy menu background. hope this helped if you have any questions please post and I will be happy to answer.



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