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P4G Vita Modding (Updated) - A Tutorial for Persona 4 Golden (Vita).

An updated guide on getting mods to work with PSVita version of Persona 4 Golden.


This guide is currently in pre-release form. It is being put out there to gauge feedback and hear questions so that it can be finalized and improved. 

If you are confused at any point, leave a comment and I'd love to help you. 

Have a suggestion? Leave a comment with some details on how things can be changed and improved.

 Bugs and issues are to be expected!

1. Introduction

This is a new and updated tutorial on getting mods to work for the Playstation Vita version of Persona 4 Golden. You will need both a hacked Playstation Vita and a Windows computer to complete this process. 

Don't have a hacked Playstation Vita? Here's a guide to get you started.

2. Prerequisites

  • Verify you have rePatch, 0syscall6, and nonpdrm plugins installed by checking your config.txt located at ur0:tai. The last two should be installed by default during the hacking process of your Vita. If you don’t have rePatch installed, you’ll need to install it manually.
  • NOTE: It is not recommended to install rePatch through AutoPlugin 2, not only is AutoPlugin incredibly risky (a chance to completely corrupt your config.txt forcing a system format and a rehack of your vita) but it’s also common for it to install a second, buggier version, of rePatch alongside it, known as repatch_4. It is recommended you install it manually.
  • Before starting with the rest of the guide, disable ref00d in your config.txt by adding a “#” just before the line and double-check that fd_fix isn’t installed alongside rePatch. 
  • All done? You can continue with the rest of the guide.

3. EBoot Patching

For this section, we’re going to patch the eboot to support external mod loading.
  1. Follow the steps detailed in this GitHub repo to learn how to properly decrypt and patch the eboot.bin

  2. Have your eboot.bin? Make a folder inside ux0:rePatch matching the title id of your region of Persona 4 Golden and drop it in there. 

4. Generating mod.cpk

  • NOTE: To properly extract the data.cpk in the safest way possible, you’ll need to make a copy of it somewhere else on your Vita, This file is around 1.9 GB, which means you’ll need an additional 1.9 GB of free space to make a copy. 
  • Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to get a mod.cpk built.

4.1. Setting up Aemulus

    1. First, download Aemulus Mod Manager from this link.

    2. Extract the folder and install any needed prerequisites then launch the program.

    3. Before continuing, ensure you’re in the “Persona 4 Golden (Vita)” package section.

    4. Click the gear icon and set a path for your mod.cpk to be generated.

    4.2. Dumping data.cpk

    1. To get mods built, you’ll need to extract base files, which involves getting the data.cpk off of your Vita. 

    2. In Vitashell, navigate to ux0:app, and find your region’s version of Persona 4 Golden (we’ll be continuing with PCSE00120 for example)

    3. Highlight it with square, then press triangle to open a side menu, in that side menu press “Open decrypted”

    4. Once inside, open the folder labeled data, then scroll down until you’re highlighting data.cpk.

    5. Press square to highlight it, then press triangle to open the side menu then press copy.

    6. Back out and then go into your folder of choice for the data.cpk to be stored. Press triangle to open the side menu again, then press paste.

    7. This pasting process will take some time to finish, it may slow down and stop but just give it some time. 

    8. After it finishes, connect to your computer via FTP, USB, or SD card then transfer it somewhere safe.

4.3. Generating mod.cpk

  1. Back in Aemulus, click the gear icon once more, then click “Unpack Base Files”

  2. Navigate to where you put your data.cpk on your computer and select it. It should start unpacking the base files to be used in Aemulus.

  3. Wait for it to finish. 

  4. Start downloading mods from the "Download Packages" Persona 4 Golden (Vita) section.

  5. Once you’re satisfied with the mods you’ve downloaded, and double-checked that they’re selected and activated, you can press the hammer icon to build your mod.cpk.

  6. Let it run through each mod being combined and built until it lets you know it is finished building.

  7. Navigate to where you chose to output the mod.cpk, and connect to your Vita again.

  8. Make a new folder labeled “data” inside your respective Persona 4 Golden rePatch folder (In our case ux0:rePatch/PCSE00120/data would be the full path.)

  9. Drag and drop the newly made mod.cpk into just created data folder (in our case the path should be ux0:rePatch/PCSE00120/data/mod.cpk)

  10. Launch the game.

5. Testing if mods are working

  1. A simple mod to verify if mods are being loaded is the Fatlus Logo from the P4G Vita Mod Ports repo

  2. You can test any of the mods from the repo by pressing “Code” and then selecting “Download zip" from the drop-down.

  3. For the remainder of this section, we'll be referring to the Fatlus Logo Mod but you can use any mod to test whether or not they are loading. I find this one to be the easiest, as you only need to wait 15~ seconds after launching to verify if it's working.

  4. Extract the newly downloaded folder and go into the "Textures" folder, then go inside the "Fatlus Logo" folder, then extract Fatlus Logo.7z

  5. In Aemulus, click the folder icon. This will open up the directory for mod packages.

  6. Drag and drop the previously extracted Fatlus Logo Mod folder and then put it into this directory and refresh Aemulus by clicking the circle icon with arrows.

  7. This will be how you add/transfer over mods for the Vita version of Persona 4 Golden from the Repo and PC sections.

  8. Press the hammer icon to build the mod.cpk, wait for it to finish then transfer to ux0:rePatch/#Your region of P4G#/data

  9. Start the game and look for the following logo when loading in.

  10. If it's present, you did everything right! You can move forward and use Aemulus to compile various mods for the Vita version of Persona 4 Golden.

6. Frequently asked questions

  • There aren’t enough mods in the Persona 4 Golden (Vita) section. Where can I find more?

    • If you visit this GitHub repo, you can find various mods converted for use with the PSVita version of Persona 4 Golden. This page here, also details which mods from the PC section have Vita versions or work with little to no conversion needed. 

    7. Troubleshooting

  • Aemulus is reporting “incorrect data.cpk,” what did I do wrong?
    • You need to decrypt the data.cpk before loading it into Aemulus. The guide details how to decrypt data.cpk on a Vita through Vitashell. 

  • The game keeps crashing upon loading dungeons/battles, what happened?
    • Verify the mods you’re using are supported by the Vita version of Persona 4 Golden. 

  • I don’t have enough space to copy the data.cpk!
    • You’ll need to make space in some way or another. Transfer any old files you may have to a safe place on your computer, then begin the process of making a copy.

  • I got the files from NPS, but it isn’t working, what did I do wrong?
    • The files from NPS will not work, as they are already encrypted. You need to decrypt them yourself, and the safest and easiest way to do that is through your Vita. Do not attempt to decrypt Vita games on a PC, as the programs involved with this process are known to be bloatware/adware. Caution is advised.

  • My game keeps crashing upon starting up, did I miss a step?
    • You need to disable the plugin ref00d in your config.txt, then restart your Vita. You can easily disable it by opening up your config.txt located at ur0:tai, and adding a # just before the line indicating the plugin. After that, restart your PSVita.