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P3D/P5D Decrypting DLC and Modding Tutorial - A Tutorial for Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight.


Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4

You'll need that as psvpfsparser won't work without it.

Mod Compendium


You need these as well but these won't be covered in the guide, as you should know how to use them.

rePatch-reDux0 (not covered in this guide, you should have this already

Mod cpk patches for P3D and P5D US
(EU mod cpk patches not available)

And your DLC mods

This guide will assume you have your games in the NoNpDRM format. (NPS*, PKGj)

You will need both the base game, and the DLC.

Reference IDs and Paths

Title IDs - US

P3D - PCSE01274
P5D - PCSE01275

DLC IDs (songs with models)

Goro Akechi in 'Will Power' - ADDCONTDLCD00044
Lavenza in 'Beneath the Mask' - ADDCONTDLCD00045
Shinjiro Aragaki in 'Battle Hymn of the Soul' - ADDCONTDLCD00028
Theodore in 'A Way of Life -Deep inside my mind Remix - ADDCONTDLCD00025
Labrys in 'Today' - ADDCONTDLCD00026
Sho Minazuki in 'Break Out Of... (ATLUS Kitajoh Remix)' - ADDCONTDLCD00027



Decrypting the DLC

I was not able to select "Open decrypted" in Vitashell on my DLC so I decrypted it myself.

Drag your DLC folder (DLCID) into the same folder as psvpfsparser and run this command.

Note that you will need to find the zRIF for yourself, each DLC has it's own zRIF too. Here is a hint*.

You will also need to rename the folder in the command to the one you want to decrypt.

Here's what the command should look like, and a template below.

psvpfsparser.exe -i ./ADDCONTDLCD00044 -o ./ADDCONTDLCD00044_dec -z thezRIFisgoingtobeanextremelylongsetofrandomcharacters -f

psvpfsparser.exe -i ./DLCID -o ./DLCID_dec -z zRIF -f

If the process was done correctly you should see an output similar to this.

Extracting the DLC and Applying Mods

After that, open CriPakGUI, select your DLC cpk and extract the contents of it to a folder you will be able to access later on.

Extract your mods, and put them in Mod folder for the appropriate game in your Mod Compendium install. 

Hair folder must stay within your mod folder, within Mod Compendium.

Drag the model into the extracted DLC cpk folder you kept earlier.

Repeat this for all the mods you have.

Once you have all your mods in the correct places, check to see if Use Compression is toggled on.

Then build your mod.cpk, once it's finished copy it somewhere else.

Now create a new mod using Mod Compendium, give it a name, then right click -> Open Directory

Drag the contents of the extracted DLC cpk to the inside of the data folder.

Build the mod.cpk, after it's finished rename it to the name of the original DLC cpk.

Next, copy these cpks to your Vita.

The mod.cpk will go to


The DLC.cpk will go to


Close Vitashell and open the game, and your mods should show up.


P4D Specific:

PCSE00764 - US

P4D is not the main focus of this guide, but all the DLC models are within patch/TITLEID.

The tutorial for P4D is pretty similar.

You will be able to open it as decrypted on the patch, treat patch.cpk as your mod.cpk, but keep the files like you would with a DLC cpk.

After you build with Mod Compendium name it patch.cpk and it will go in rePatch/TITLEID/data/patch.cpk

If anything is unclear please comment about it. Right click and open in new tab on an image if it's hard to see.

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