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Tiny skill edit tutorial - A Tutorial for Shin Megami Tensei V

I'm a non-English speaking person, so please forgive me for using a translator
First, refer to this tutorial and unpack pakchunk0-Switch.pak

Second, go to this path and find the "SkillData.uexp" file

Third, Open the file with the same tool as the hexeditor.

When I analyzed it briefly, I think the first 2 bytes are the skill code and the rest of the selected addresses are other flags.

Considering that the starting address is 0x85h and the offset is 0xC0h, the address of the desired skill would be 0xC0*(Skillcode-1)+0x85h. In the case of skill code, you can check by opening the cheat table of this with a program such as notepad++. It will take some time because it is longer than smt4/4f, but there are two definite flags as a result of the test.

The number of targets is 0x2h away from the skill code. A flag indicating the minimum number of attacks and then the maximum number of attacks is 0x2h away from the number of targets.
If my explanation is strange and difficult to understand, please look at the picture and note which part has changed.

The address is the address of Die for me and changed from 0x06 (“to random foe”) to 0x01 (“to all foe”). For reference, "to single foe" is 0x00.
The changed number next to it is the minimum number of attacks. Die for me randomly attacks 2 to 5 times, but changed it to attack 5 to 5.
Next to it is the maximum number of attacks, so if you modify it, you can make the number of hits equal to 5-15.
I haven't tested it, but 0xb or 0xc from skill code seems to be the skill type.

This is the result of actually modding.

I haven't been able to touch smt5 for a long time because I've been analyzing smt4/4f, but I plan to update it in the future.

Thank you for reading my broken english

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    i might have found 2 values for %crit chance and Pierce flag.

    please refer to image:

    Yabusame Shot -

    Dancing Strike -

    Hasshou Tobi -

    untested yet because i can't play atm. but should be correct.

    Edit: I edit Aramasa with the critical % chances and the pierce flag. I confirmed with Mitama that the values that i found are correct
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  • I managed to find out a bit more of what skill info goes where, wrote it in simple way since I don't know coding language/terms. Hope it helps someone.
    Murakumo Example
    Profaned Land Example

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