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Making image/sound mods for Persona Q2 - A Tutorial for Persona Q2


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Image/Sound editing

This is assuming you've already followed Shrinefox's guide

1. Before any of this, Extract your data.cpk

Download Cripack GUI and open CriPackGui.exe, Then open your cpk, Press extract me and choose a folder

2. Texture/Image replacement


Kuriimu, To edit ctpk images

Amicitia, To extract textures from pacs

An image editing software

2.1.1. CTPK

To edit ctpk files, drag them or open them through kukkii, Which is in the folder you extracted kuriimu to, Export it as a png, edit it, then import it back in and save your ctpk

2.2. TPC

Tpc files are just renamed pac files, Change their extention from tpc to pac and then they can be opened through Amicitia, Drag them onto or open them through Amicitia, Then export the ctpk inside it by right clicking, when you've edited the texture through kukki, import the ctpk into the pac and save your changes

3. Sound editing


Sonic Audio Tools to extract ACBs

Foobar and it's VGMstream plugin to hear BCWAV files and ADXs

AtomENCD and adxencd to make new ADXs

Looping audio converter to make new BCWAVs

3.1. Using ACBEditor to extract your ACBs and AWBs

Drag and drop your ACB onto ACBEditor.exe and it'll open a command prompt window, Wait until it's done and your files will be extracted to a folder on the same directory as your ACB

When you've finished editing, drag and drop the extracted folder with your edited files onto ACBEditor.exe and it'll save all of them onto your ACB/AWB

3.2. Editing BCWAVs

To edit bcwavs, you first need to know which files are which, to do this, open the folder that has your bcwavs in foobar and search for the one that has the sound you want to edit, they'll be called "XXXXX_streaming"

Keep the filename of the sound you want to edit somewhere, Then get whatever file you want to put in the game in place of that sound, Rename them to your BCWAV's filename and open Looping audio tools, Drag and drop the renamed file

Change the output format to BCWAV, Output directory to whatever you want, And for files with no loop information keep as non looping

Replace your bcwav with the new bcwav you just converted, then repack your acb

3.3. Editing ADXs

Just as with BCWAVs, first listen to them in foobar to know which file you need to edit

Open atomENCD

Select your file as the input file, Change to custom loop and add the loop points of your sound, Then press Encode

Change your new ADXs filename to the one you want to edit, Then drag and drop it on the original folder, then repack your ACB/AWB

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