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How to chart your songs! - A Tutorial for Friday Night Funkin'.

Learn to chart!

Charting takes a good amount of skill to do correctly so it's not just something everyone can do. In this tutorial I will explain how to chart your songs into the game. (Please note that I myself am not good at charting and that I just know how it works.) I strongly recommend you use FPS Plus since it adds improvements to the chart editor.

                                         How to get to the debug menu!

  1. Open Friday Night Funkin' or FPS Plus!
  2. Choose what week/song you want to chart into your song!
  3. Once the week/song has loaded press "7" on your keyboard!


On the left side of your screen you should see the characters icons and a box below them. This box is where the notes will show. And on the right side you should see a box with tabs at the top and a lot of settings! This is also where the huge difference between normal FNF charting and FPS Plus charting happens. So from here on there will be more direction. They will be labeled to which application they are for so just read the ones that are for the application you're using to chart. So for now if you use FPS Plus you directions will be in green, and if you're using normal FNF your directions will be in red. If the instruction applies for both they'll be underlined!

                                        How to navigate the debug menu!

You should only see one setting on the right side of your screen. The text you see above it is the category of the setting. If you place a note and then push the + arrow on the setting it'll lengthen the note itself making it a "hold note". You can make the notes up to 2000 which is the length of 1 section. You can switch between sections by using our "Left" and "Right" arrow keys. Each section is 2 seconds long. (This just the case for the song Fresh) FPS Plus has the controls for the debug menu on the top left corner of the screen which is something normal FNF doesn't offer. FPS Plus also has one more tab in the debug menu then normal FNF. However FNF's debug menu is better for beginners since it won't override you with setting options. You can click on the tabs on the right side of your screen to navigate through them. Each tab has different settings you can use to chart. You can place notes by clicking inside the box on the left side of the screen! In the top right of the screen there should be a the amount of seconds your song has. If you're on section 0 of Fresh it'll say "0 / 82.05". Use this information to chart your song with correct timing!  However if you're using FPS Plus instead of the time you'll see the number that is used for note length. (Sorry I don't know the name for this number.) So if you're on section 0 of Fresh It'll say "0 / 82050". Like I said before you should use this information to chart the song correctly and not have the notes be incorrectly charted.


The last step is saving your chart as a Json file! You can do this by clicking on the tab labeled "song"! There should be a text box with the name of the song you are currently charting over. you can change the name to whatever you want. Below the text box there should be a BPM number and a speed number. The BPM is the higher number out of the 2. This is where things change slightly. In normal FNF you'll see 2 names, the one on the left will be some variation of Boyfriend/bf and the one on the right will be the opponent. (If you chose Fresh it'll say dad.) You can change either of these by clicking on them and choosing the character you want to replace them. (please note that changing the character does not change the voices you hear in the song.) If you are using FPS Plus you'll see 3 names, the one on the left being some variation of Boyfriend/bf, the one on the right being whoever your opponent is, and lastly the one below bf is going to be some variation of Girlfriend/gf! Next to gf will be the stage you're on. (If you are charting over a week 3 song the stage will be Philly.) Below gf is the difficulty you want the chart to be you can change it like everything else just by clicking on it and choosing an option from the drop down menu. After you've changed everything you want to change click the save button next to the name of the song and choose the location where you want the Json file to be saved.


You've finished and can now work your way around charting for your songs. And if you still can't really chart don't worry charting isn't a skill everyone has like I've said before so don't put yourself down about it. I hope this tutorial helped, and if it did I'd be more than happy to test out your mods if you want me to.