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How to replace all voices and sound effects - A Tutorial for Streets of Rage 4

First download the pack of required softwares (or you can download everything externally if you want)

1- Download and install Python

2- Extract NieR Audio Tools

3- Copy your bank file (or multiple files) inside NieR Audio Tools folder

4- Drag-and-drop the .bnk file to or the "[Open to extract bank files].bat" I provided

5- You should have a folder named after your .bnk file (if you extracted Core.bnk you'll have a "Core.bnk_extract" folder)

6- Extract the Foobar2000 I provided. It includes vgmstream component which adds .wem compatibiliy (or you can download both Foobar2000 and the component online)

7- Now you can open all .wem files in Foobar2000 to play them (drag-and-drop them or open them in File tab)

Optional : if you want to, you can convert them with Right click > Convert, but here we will focus on replacing wem in a bank file

8- Identify the names of the .wem files you want to replace (or copy the source .wem somewhere).

9- Convert your voice and sound effect files (not the extracted .wem !) to .wav format with whatever software you use (Foobar2000 can do the job)

10- Extract and install Sound Editor 2018

11- Open Sound Editor 2018 and go to Settings. In "WEM-Export directory" chosse where you want your .wem files to be saved. By default it should be saved on your desktop so if you don't mind you can directly go further.

12- Now go to "Tools" tab then Sound-Converter. There click the three dots [...] to select sounds, choose the extension to look for (MP3 or WAV) and select all your audio files

12- Then click "Convert" and wait for your .wem files to be converted

13- When it's done open NieR Audio Tools folder where your extracted bank folder is located

14- Replace the old .wem files inside that folder by the new files

15- Go back to the root of the folder, where there's and other files

16- Open a command prompt in that folder. To do it, hold down the shift key and right-click to open the context menu. You'll see the option "Open command window here", click on it

17- Drag-and-drop inside the command window to get the full path of the .py file pasted in it. Then add a space and write down the name of the destination .bnk file you want to create (e.g. Core.bnk). 

Add -r and a space after it, and finally drag-and-drop the extracted bank folder again to paste the full path.

You should now have something like this :

Of course you can type that manually if you want. 

18- Press enter to execute the command and wait for the bank file to compile. You'll get that message when it's done :

19- Go to the extracted bank folder. You'll find a new export folder. Inside it is your new .bnk file.

20- There you go, just replace that .bnk file inside your game folder

WARNING : Always backup the source .bnk file before replacing it

Note : Some voices and some effects can be find in Core.bnk, others in Generic.bnk or even in both. You have to find out which audio is used in the game to replace it.