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N00b's Guide To Playing Mods (Wii/Wii U) - A Tutorial for Mario Sports Mix

Even Little Timmy Can Do It!

N00b or Hacker, anyone can mod characters into Mario Sports Mix. It just takes a little work. This guide may be outdated soon due to the advancements happening so quickly. I'm trying to make this guide as user friendly as possible. Please comment or contact me in anyway if so parts are a little wordy or confusing. (This guide only contains in-game character replacing, if you would like to replace other parts of the character, follow the other gamebananna guides.)

1. Requirements

There are not many requirements for this, but make sure you have these
  • A Wii or Wii U with homebrew (Follow this guide if you don't have homebrew yet, it's free and harmless: Click Me)
  • Riivolution, a homebrew application that loads custom files on your wii games (Click Me to Download)
  • Mario Sports Mix Template (Made By Me): Click me to download!
  • A mod of your choice, I will be using Robo Mario in this guide (There are many other mods on Gamebanana too)

2. Extracting and gathering

Make sure you have the riivolution application on homebrew before beginning. Download both a mod of your choice and the riivolution template. You should have 2 zip files wherever you downloaded them to your computer. Right click the each file and press the extract all button then select ok (If you have winrar or 7-zip, you know how to extract files already). Your two zip files should have now become a folder. 

3. Preparing Riivolution

Go into the your mod's folder, the filesystem should look something like this: 
In this tutorial, we will only be replacing the character in-game, so we will only need the mdl folder. If you would like to replace the character to the fullest, follow the other tutorial I have on Gamebanana. In the mdl folder you should see 3 files named something like c00B00, c00C00, c00H00. Select all of them and press control + C on your keyboard (Copy command). Now go into the riivolution folder and go into the folder called "msm". If you have a custom character to replace, go into the "chr" folder and control + P on your keyboard (Paste command). If you have a different file to replace, follow the instructions in the READMii.txt inside your mod folder.

4. Transferring the mods

Go back to the root folder of the riivolution template, where has the msm and riivolution folder. Copy both folders and paste them on the root of your SD card/USB. If it asks to merge the folders, do so. You can now eject your SD/USB and insert it into your Wii/Wii U.

5. Loading mods on Riivolution

Turn on your Wii/Wii U (If you are a Wii U, navigate to the vWii menu) and start up the homebrew channel. Load up the riivolution application (Or the riivolution channel if you have installed it). Wait a bit for the disk to initialize, then you should see some options. Change it to these settings: You can change the font to whatever you like, that is a bonus to this pack. You can then press launch to play your mods. If you see this screen your mods have successfully been replaced in the game! 

You can then select your custom character (If you have not replaced menu and tour.mdl, your character will not appear on the select screen, but will still show up in game.) Enjoy! Here are a few pictures showing it works. 


Why isn't my character showing up on the menu and other places?

You have not replaced Menu.mdl and Tour.mdl. You can use this guide I wrote to fix this:

Uhhh, for some moments my mod looks like it's extremely glitched. Did I do something wrong???

No worries, you most likely have done nothing wrong. This is what the community referred to as "Red Team Glitch". It makes red team characters look really messed up when selecting and occasionally some animations in-game. The cause of this is unknown due to some questionable hard coding in the model. This will happen to characters that have custom models such as Crash Bandicoot or Robo Mario. Try to ignore it, there is not a fix yet.

I'm super confused, your tutorials are trash and needs to be more descriptive!!!

1. Try to get some simple manners 2. Feel free to comment on this tutorial your problem, I will try to help you and fix the error in the tutorial.

When will an easier version of this come out?

Sooner or later. Remember that first mod that ever came out, Mario Sports Mix Deluxe? Well our development team is working on a version 2 of it. And trust me, it will blow your socks/shoes/whatever you are wearing off. Here is a sneak peek: 
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    Nice tutorial you made! though you could just teach how to make a riivolution xml

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