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Aligning animations using the FPS plus mod - A Tutorial for Friday Night Funkin'

aligning guide

So you've made a custom skin using Adobe Animate, but the sprites are unaligned. What do you do?

1. Install the FPSplus mod (the FPSplus mod has the animation debug menu needed for this tutorial)
2. Enter any song that contains the skin you wish to align
3. Press 8 to open the opponent's animation debug screen Shift+8 for BF's screen and Ctrl+8 for GF's screen
4. Take a screenshot of the old X and Y values of your animations
5. Use W and S to change between animations and the arrow keys to move the animations around and align them
6. Take a screenshot of the new X and Y values of your animations
7. Subtract from the initial values the new values [5,-8] - [-5,0] = [10,-8]
8. Go into the Xml file of your sprite sheet
9. Go to frames you wish to align and in between height="" and /> add: frameX="" frameY="" frameWidth="" frameHeight=""
8. Set frameX to the the first value you calculated [A,B] set frameY to the second value [A,B] then set the frameWidth and frameHeight to the Width and Height of the frame
9. Save the Xml file and look at your progress in game
Here's an example of my finished product. Use it along with the Boyfriend 2 Mod
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    I didn't actually know that this animation debug screen even existed, and I've used the FPS Plus mod for quite a bit. Thank you for the guide on using it!
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